Canoo's Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle comes in Delivery, Base, Premium, and Lifestyle.  -  Photo: Canoo

Canoo's Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle comes in Delivery, Base, Premium, and Lifestyle.

Photo: Canoo

Canoo has purchased manufacturing assets at dramatically reduced prices to scale production at its Oklahoma City facility. Canoo purchased a cache of manufacturing assets, from robotics to controls processing equipment that will be used to build vehicle cabins.

As Canoo scales manufacturing to make additional customer deliveries in 2024, the company continuously explores ways to acquire high-value equipment at reduced prices through alternative routes. Canoo purchased the assets at a discounted price of over 80% of the estimated value.

Electric Vehicles for Performance and Functionality

Canoo delivered its first electric vehicles made in Oklahoma to the state of Oklahoma in November 2023.  

This milestone marks the start of Canoo's phased-ramp manufacturing in Oklahoma and its shipment of Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) models to key customers and partners in 2023 with increasing units in 2024.  

The LDVs set a new standard for mobility. Built on a multi-purpose platform, the vehicles are configurable to help commercial and government fleet customers improve efficiency and cut operating costs.

All Canoo vehicles are designed for performance and functionality, with comfort, safety, and security that is configurable in unique ways.  

"We are excited to add Canoo vehicles to the state's pooled fleet as part of a broader initiative to improve efficiency, cut waste and improve stewardship of taxpayer dollars," said OMES Executive Director John Suter. "We look forward to evaluating these new assets and the role they can play in modernizing Oklahoma's vehicle use."  

Pioneering Electric Vehicles for All

Canoo is dedicated to making electric vehicles accessible to everyone.

The company has created EV that are transforming the automotive industry through technologies, distinctive design, and a business model involving multiple owners throughout the vehicle's entire lifespan.

Canoo has engineered a modular electric platform designed to optimize vehicle interior space, offering customization for all owners throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.

This platform supports a diverse array of business and consumer applications.

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in November 2023, and has since been updated.

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