What videos made the Top 10 most viewed that were posted in 2023? - Photo: Work Truck

What videos made the Top 10 most viewed that were posted in 2023? 

Photo: Work Truck 

As the world becomes more digital, how work truck and van fleet managers digest information has been changing, too. In 2021, Work Truck embraced digital content with the launch of Truck Chat. Moving forward to 2023, the video series has continued to grow and now includes several sub-series:

From educational options to vehicle-focused videos and so much more, Truck Chat is your go-to video and podcast resource for vocational truck and van fleet managers.

The following are the top most-viewed Truck Chat videos that were posted in 2023 (not including news recaps) - have you watched yet?

  1. Vehicles Moving Fleets: The 2025 Isuzu NRR EV
  2. Vehicles Moving Fleets: 2023 Ram ProMaster
  3. Vehicles Moving Fleets: The 2024 Mack MD Electric
  4. Vehicles Moving Fleets: What's New with Mercedes-Benz Vans eSprinter 
  5. Isuzu Electrifies Medium-Duty Work Trucks
  6. CORE Dual Cab Chassis: In the Driver's Seat
  7. Vehicles Moving Fleets: Touring the Sortimo Van
  8. Adrian Steel: Upfitting the Ford Maverick Pickup
  9. How Can Truck Dealers Prepare for Electric Vehicles?
  10. Isuzu's Record-Breaking Year: A Deep Dive into Truck Production & Order Fulfillment

And to round things out, here are the top 5 most viewed top news recaps – was there something here you needed to know? It’s not too late to give them a watch and a like!

We are excited to continue to produce Truck Chat videos into 2023. Have something you want us to cover? Someone we should be talking with? Contact us today and let’s chat!

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