The top 10 articles on Work Truck in 2023 show the range of challenges and needs commercial fleets have.  -  Photo: Work Truck

The top 10 articles on Work Truck in 2023 show the range of challenges and needs commercial fleets have.

Photo: Work Truck

Looking back at the 2023 calendar year, Work Truck's top-performing feature articles were a hit among fleet managers due to their relevance and the value they provided. In 2023, fleet managers were keen to explore diesel alternatives, medium-duty trucks, new vans, regulatory requirements updates, and strategies to reduce fleet costs and idle time.

Since 2007, Work Truck has been the go-to resource for vocational work truck, van, and SUV fleet managers. Our platform provides comprehensive coverage on all things fleet, making us the first and last stop for fleet managers seeking reliable information. Our subject-matter-expert-written articles are exclusive and always tailored to focus on the latest trends, resources, and topics that matter most to Work Truck fleet managers.

The following are the most-read Work Truck articles in 2023 (as of December 15, 2023):

  1. Tips for Optimal Performance for Diesel-Powered Pickups. We have tips on how to ensure the best performance of your diesel-powered pickup trucks by API.
  2. 2023 F-Series Super Duty Orders Are Shipping. All trim levels of the 2023 F-Series Super Duty are delivering to retail and commercial customers.
  3. Tips for Confirming a Commercial Driver’s Abilities Through a Road Test. When screening an applicant for a regulated commercial driving position, it is often difficult to know the individual’s true capabilities. Unless you personally see the applicant in action you may have no idea how he or she will handle your vehicles. This is where a thorough road test comes in.
  4. Second Chances: How to Upgrade Your Safety Rating. An unfavorable compliance review can result in a public relations nightmare, high insurance rates, and difficulty in attracting quality drivers. But motor carriers have an opportunity to ask for a do-over.
  5. What’s an ePTO? As work trucks become increasingly electrified, it’s important to specify the right components, starting with the ePTO.
  6. 2024 Trucks & Vans for Commercial Fleets. The latest 2024 work truck models, along with what’s discontinued and major updates.
  7. Financing Small Business Fleet Needs with Ford Pro FinSimple. Discover Ford Pro FinSimple: Flexible financing for small business fleets of any size, helping businesses better manage cash flow and operations.
  8. Holman as it Nears 100: Shaping a Strategic Future in Fleet. Holman’s CEO shares insight into the company’s foundational beliefs, evolving customer relationships, and looks ahead to the future of fleet.
  9. State of the Commercial Truck Tire Industry in 2023. The commercial truck tire industry is undergoing change driven by growth in last-mile, increasing use of electric vehicles, ongoing supply chain challenges, regulatory requirements, and more.
  10. Fleet 101: Types of Utility Trucks and Their Use Cases. What is a utility truck? These can range from cranes to bucket trucks used in various applications. We break it all down for you.

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