New recalls from Ford, Ram, Altec, and more.  -  Photo: Altec/Ford/Chysler/Work Truck

New recalls from Ford, Ram, Altec, and more.

Photo: Altec/Ford/Chysler/Work Truck

Have trouble keeping track of safety recalls? We’ve got all the recalls from October in one place.

If you have any Ford, Altec, Paccar, Mack Trucks, or Toyota vehicles in your fleet, check out their latest recalls.

Ford Recalls

  • Vehicles: 2023 F-150 Lightning.
  • Component: Windshield defroster.
  • Potential Units Affected: 931.
  • Breakdown: The electronic cabin coolant heater module may be missing a solder joint, which can cause intermittent or no cabin heat and result in an inoperative windshield defrosting and defogging system.
  • Solution: Replace the electronic cabin coolant heater.

Chrysler Recalls

  • Vehicles:
    • 2022-2023 Ram 1500.
    • 2022-2023 Ram 3500 Cab Chassis with GVWR less than 10,000 lbs.
    • 2022-2024 Ram 2500.
  • Potential Units Affected: 272,911.
  • Component: Rearview camera.
  • Breakdown: The radio software may prevent the rearview image from displaying.
  • Solution: Update the radio software.

Mack Trucks Recalls

  • Vehicles: 2024 LR.
  • Potential Units Affected: 47.
  • Component: Power steering.
  • Breakdown: The fasteners that connect the power steering assist cylinder to steering arm may be loose or missing.
  • Solution: Owners are advised not to drive their vehicles until the repair has been performed. Dealers will inspect and tighten the steering gear fasteners and install a new cotter pin.
  • Vehicles:
    • 2024 Anthem.
    • 2024 Pinnacle.
  • Potential Units Affected: 13.
  • Component: Electronic stability control system.
  • Breakdown: A software programming error may cause the electronic stability control to be inoperative.
  • Solution: Reprogram the control unit software.

Altec Industries Recalls

  • Vehicles: 2023 DC and DM Digger Derricks.
  • Potential Units Affected: 44.
  • Component: Gearbox.
  • Breakdown: The turntable rotation gearbox may fail at high loads due to a defect in the brake flange casing.
  • Solution: Test and replace the gearbox, if necessary.
  • Vehicles: 2021-2023 TL48 trucks.
  • Potential Units Affected: 17.
  • Component: Aeriel device.
  • Breakdown: The bolts used to mount the aerial device to the sub-base may not be tightened properly, which could result in bolt failure, allowing the aerial device to fall.
  • Solution: Replace the mounting bolts and washers.

Pacaar Recalls

  • Vehicles:
    • 2021-2024 Kenworth T280, T380.
    • 2020-2024 Peterbilt 548, 536.
    • 2024 Peterbilt 537.
    • 2020-2024 Kenworth T480.
  • Potential Units Affected: 257.
  • Component: Service brakes.
  • Breakdown: The timing of the trailer brake release may be delayed.
  • Solution: Replace the fittings and hoses in the affected valves.
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