New recalls from Altec, Mack, and ST Engineering Hackney. - Photo: Altec/Mack/Work Truck

New recalls from Altec, Mack, and ST Engineering Hackney. 

Photo: Altec/Mack/Work Truck

We rounded up all the work truck recalls for June in one place.

If you have any Ford, Mack, or Altec vehicles in your fleet, stay updated on their latest recalls.

Ford Recalls

  • Vehicles:  
  • Component: TREAD label.
  • Breakdown: The Tire and Loading Information (TREAD) label states the incorrect load-carrying capacity, which can result in an overloaded vehicle.
  • Solution: Ford will mail a new TREAD label to install over the existing label.
  • Vehicle: 2022-2023 Maverick equipped with 2.5L HEV or PHEV engines.
  • Component: Engine.
  • Breakdown: In the event of an engine failure, engine oil and fuel vapor may be released into the engine compartment and accumulate near ignition sources such as hot engine or exhaust components, possibly resulting in an engine compartment fire.
  • Solution: Owners are advised to park and shut off the engine as quickly as possible if they hear unexpected engine noises, notice a reduction in vehicle power, or see smoke. The remedy is currently under development.

Mack Recalls

  • Vehicle:  2019-2023 LR battery electric.
  • Component: Electrical system.
  • Breakdown: The power cables that connect to the windscreen heater relay may have a loose connection and cause the relay to fail.
  • Solution: Reinstall airbags if necessary.

Volvo Trucks North America Recalls

  • Vehicle:  2019-2023 VNR Electric.
  • Potential Units Affected: 243
  • Component: Electrical system.
  • Breakdown: The power cables that connect to the windscreen heater relay may have a loose connection and cause the relay to fail.
  • Solution: tighten the power cable to relay connections.

ST Engineering Hackney Recall

  • Vehicle: 2021-2023 Kidron refrigerated trailers.
  • Component: Suspension.
  • Breakdown: The suspension pivot bolt may not have been properly tightened during the alignment process on certain Hendrickson suspensions with Quick-Align systems.
  • Solution: Dealers will inspect, and if necessary, tighten the suspension pivot bolt

Altec Industries Recall

  • Vehicles: 2020-2023 D4000B, D2000B, and AC18.
  • Component: Braking system.
  • Breakdown: The collision mitigation system software may not be calibrated correctly, prohibiting the active braking system from activating.
  • Solution: A software update and road-test by the OEM.

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  • Vehicle: 2022-2023 TG-124S trailers.
  • Component: Suspension.
  • Breakdown: The axle U-bolts that secure the leaf springs may not be tightened properly, which can cause the U-bolts to loosen and detach from the axle and suspension.
  •  Inspect and tighten the U-bolt nuts.
  • Vehicle: 1999-2022 L Series and LR Series aerial devices.
  • Component: Load-holding feature.
  • Breakdown: A hydraulic hose may have been installed between the cylinder port and load-holding valve instead of metallic tubing, which can result in a damaged hydraulic hose and failure of the load-holding feature.
  • Solution: Altec will inspect the units for a hydraulic hose and replace it with specified metallic tubing, as necessary.
  • Vehicle: 2019-2022 AT335.
  • Component: GFCI outlet.
  • Breakdown: An inverter-powered outlet may have been installed at the aerial boom tip without ground-fault interrupter (GFCI) protection.
  • Solution: Dealers will inspect and install a GFCI outlet as necessary.

Navistar Recall

  • Vehicles: 
    • 2016 International DuraStar.
    • 2018-2020 and 2023-2024 International 1300FBC Stripped chassis.
    • 2019-2024 International MV.
  • Component: Service brakes.
  • Breakdown:  The brake pressure switch assembly may leak brake fluid into the brake pressure switch's electrical components and cause an electrical short-circuit.
  • Solution: Owners are advised to park outside and away from structures until the recall repair is complete. Dealers will replace the brake pressure switch and if necessary, the wire harness or fuse



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