New recalls from Altec, Ram, and Lordstown EV. - Photo: Work Truck

New recalls from Altec, Ram, and Lordstown EV. 

Photo: Work Truck

We rounded up all the work truck recalls for May in one place.

If you have any Navistar, General Motors, Daimler, Ford, or Altec vehicles in your fleet, stay updated on their latest recalls.

Navistar Recall

  • Vehicle: 2023 International MV.
  • Component: Powertrain.
  • Breakdown:  The driveshaft tube seam weld may separate or tear, resulting in drive line separation and a sudden loss of drive power.
  • Solution: Driveshaft will be replaced.

Daimler Recalls

  • Vehicle: 
    • 2020-2024 Freightliner Cascadia, Freightliner M2 Business Class.
    • 2022 Western Star 4700.
    • 2020 Freightliner Classic Cascadia.
  • Component: Understeering.
  • Breakdown: The vehicle has an electronic stability control system and tire combination that may understeer during a J-turn.
  • Solution: The remedy is currently under development.

Ford Recalls

  • Vehicle:  2004-2006 Ranger.
  • Component: Airbags.
  • Breakdown: For vehicles that received replacement front passenger air bag inflators under a previous recall, the replacement front passenger air bag inflators may have been installed incorrectly.
  • Solution: Reinstall airbags if necessary.
  • Vehicle:  2023 Super Duty F-250, F-350, and F-450 vehicles.
  • Component: Steering.
  • Breakdown: The steering column upper shaft bolts may be missing or improperly tightened, resulting in possible separation of the steering column from the adjoining components.
  • Solution: Dealers will inspect and tighten the steering column upper shaft coupler bolts, or install any missing bolts, as necessary.

PJ Trailers Recalls

  • Item:  2022-2024 LD, LY, LX, LS, CC, DD, TJ, and TS trailers.
  • Component: Trailer hitch.
  • Breakdown: For trailers equipped with a Demco EZ Latch Gooseneck Coupler, the coupler mounting bolts may loosen and cause the coupler to separate from the inner tube.
  • Solution: Replace the couplers, free of charge.
PJ Trailers recalled the trailer hitch of the LD trailer. - Photo: PJ Trailers

PJ Trailers recalled the trailer hitch of the LD trailer.

Photo: PJ Trailers

Altec Industries Recall

  • Vehicle: 
  • Component: Auger hex extension bar.
  • Breakdown: The hardware that secures the removable auger hex extension bar to the drive unit coupler was not installed, which may cause it to detach.
  • Solution: Altec will instruct owners to inspect the auger extension assembly for missing hardware. If hardware is found to be missing, a replacement kit will be provided by Altec, free of charge. 
  • Vehicle: 2021-2023 Aerial Devices, Digger Derricks, Service Bodies, and Cranes.
  • Component: Strobe light.
  • Breakdown: Water can leak into the strobe lights, which could cause an electrical short-circuit.
  • Solution: If moisture is found or the light is inoperative, a light replacement kit will be installed.
  • Vehicle: 2021-2023 DT85 Digger Derricks.
  • Component: Lighting loads.
  • Breakdown: The boom pressure limiter may allow the boom to lift loads above the rated capacity and over the hydraulic overload protection setting.
  • Solution: Altec will provide instructions to owners to test the boom lift pressure limiter setting and set it to the correct pressure.
Altec recalled the boom pressure limiter of DT85 Digger Derricks. - Photo: Altec

Altec recalled the boom pressure limiter of DT85 Digger Derricks.

Photo: Altec

Chrysler Recalls

Vehicles Moving Fleets: 2023 Ram ProMaster [Video]

  • Vehicle: 2019-2021 Ram ProMaster.
  • Component: Power train.
  • Breakdown: For vehicles equipped with a 62TE transmission, the park pawl may not fully engage the park gear due to debris inside the transmission.
  • Solution: Update the powertrain control module software.

Lordstown EV Recall

  • Vehicle: 2023 Endurance.
  • Component: Speedometer and warning lights.
  • Breakdown: The instrument cluster display screen may freeze on initial startup and not display critical safety information.
  • Solution: Software will be updated.

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