Brad Burgess has more than two decades of experience in selling value-based B2B service solutions to Fortune 500-1000 companies as an individual sales contributor, regional, and national sales...

Brad Burgess has more than two decades of experience in selling value-based B2B service solutions to Fortune 500-1000 companies as an individual sales contributor, regional, and national sales leader. 

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Fleet management company Merchants Fleet recently announced the hire of Brad Burgess as the new senior vice president of fleet sales and strategic solutions.

Burgess has over two decades of experience selling value-based B2B service solutions to Fortune 500-1000 companies as an individual sales contributor, regional, and national sales leader. 

Before Merchants, Burgess served as vice president of commercial operations, marketing, and global relationships at Element Fleet Management, where his strategic mindset and robust understanding of the rapidly evolving fleet market established him as an industry leader.

Burgess steps into the role at Merchants as the organization plans for the retirement of Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Solutions Tom Coffey.

Sitting Down with Brad Burgess of Merchants Fleet Management 

Work Truck sat down with Burgess to learn more about his passion for fleet, his current accomplishments and goals, and the value of collaboration. 

Work Truck: Congratulations on your recent hire at Merchants Fleet! How did you first get interested in the fleet industry, and what drew you to this specific position?  

BURGESS: My college years were marked by a pivotal moment when two of my closest friends got recruited by PHH, and their experience stirred up my curiosity. 

Soon after, I stumbled upon an incredible opportunity to apply for a new graduate rotation program in the fleet industry. I was ecstatic when I received acceptance into the program. This experience allowed me to explore my interests and helped shape my career path. As I delved deeper, I realized sales was a perfect match for me because I thrive in competitive environments and thoroughly enjoy problem-solving.

I think the fleet industry is particularly interesting because when you help clients keep their business moving more efficiently, you’re impacting the entire nation’s business landscape.  

I am thrilled to join the Merchants Fleet team as the new sales leader. It’s an incredible opportunity to work for a company dedicated to providing exceptional service and solutions to clients across various industries. I am excited to be a part of this journey. 

As someone passionate about sales and building strong relationships, I am excited to work with the exceptional individuals on the team and continue to expand our client base. I see significant potential for innovation and growth in this role, and I am eager to contribute my expertise and collaborate with the team to achieve our goals. 

WT: With more than two decades of experience in fleet sales and management, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishments in this field? 

BURGESS: I am incredibly proud of the relationships I have built throughout my career. Taking the time to fully comprehend my clients’ businesses and getting to know them has always been my top priority. 

This approach has helped me foster lasting relationships with extraordinary people from a wide range of industries. Creating these connections isn’t merely a professional objective, but it’s an integral part of who I am. By doing so, I’ve been able to provide solutions that have supported their growth even during their toughest challenges. 

WT: As the new Senior Vice President of Fleet Sales and Strategic Solutions at Merchants, what are your primary goals and objectives for the company in the short and long term?  

BURGESS: My primary goals are to understand our corporate culture and clients deeply. This includes developing meaningful relationships with our nationwide sales team, absorbing client feedback, and using it further to enhance Merchants’ client experience and consulting services, expand our prospect base, build on the award-winning service Merchants provides its clients, and explore innovative ways to boost our performance for our clients and our company. 

Through these efforts, I aim to build on the culture of excellence and growth that delivers value to clients and our organization. 

WT: You mentioned the importance of collaborative partnerships in your career. How do you plan to foster these partnerships with clients, employees, and supplier partners at Merchants Fleet? 

BURGESS: As our sales team grows, so does our corporate support system, with dedicated team members stationed throughout the country. We must provide every team member with active support and guidance, as they play an integral role in ensuring our clients receive top-notch service.

I plan to be highly engaged with everyone on our team to foster clear communication, open collaboration, and shared accountability. These values aren’t just lip service for me - I also apply them to myself, as I believe they are the cornerstone of any successful business operation. 

WT: The retirement of Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Solutions Tom Coffey presents a significant transition for Merchants Fleet. How do you plan to build upon his legacy and continue to innovate and grow the company? 

BURGESS: Tom is truly an exceptional leader, and I am grateful for the opportunity to build on his legacy of success. His continued support has been invaluable as I work to ensure a smooth transition into my new role. 

Together, Tom and I are assessing how we can leverage the full breadth of Merchants’ capabilities to address the company’s evolving needs while maintaining the unique culture that has made us successful thus far. 

We aim to take the team to the next level by building on the foundation that Tom has helped establish and ensuring we remain focused on delivering top-notch service to our clients. 

WT: How important are commercial and vocational work truck fleets to Merchants today?

BURGESS: Commercial and vocational work trucks are a crucial focus for us. Feedback from the market suggests their commercial truck needs aren’t currently being met. In response, we have developed a tailored solution to address and fulfill our clients’ commercial truck needs, providing them with the required solutions to optimize their operations. 

One of the key aspects of the program is our focus on flexibility. At Merchants, we understand that our client’s needs are unique and varied. So, we take a customized approach to each situation, working closely with them to design a solution that meets their specific requirements.

Our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure they have access to the information, data, resources, and support they need to optimize every aspect of their fleet.  

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