Work Truck needs YOUR input digging into alternative-fuel use now and plans for the future. - Photo: Work Truck

Work Truck needs YOUR input digging into alternative-fuel use now and plans for the future. 

Photo: Work Truck

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about alternative fuels and reducing emissions? Attention all fleet managers! Please participate in our research to gain valuable insights on how fleets approach this pressing issue.

We are looking for input on: 

  • Light-duty trucks.
  • Medium-duty trucks. 
  • Heavy-duty trucks. 
  • Vans. 

The transportation industry is rapidly changing, and the push for sustainability is stronger than ever. As fleet managers, you are crucial in reducing emissions and considering the possibility of adopting alternative fuels.

Participating in our survey will help us understand how fleets are currently addressing this issue, what strategies are proving effective, and what challenges fleets need to overcome.

With this information, we can provide you with a comprehensive report on the latest trends and best practices, based on real-world input from successful fleet managers who have already implemented alternative fuels and reduced their emissions. This report will give you the competitive advantage to make informed decisions for your fleet's future.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights into how your peers tackle this critical issue. Your participation will also help drive progress toward a more sustainable future for the transportation industry.

To participate in our survey, click the link and answer a few short questions. Work Truck will keep your responses confidential and used only for the report. Thank you for your participation in this critical initiative.

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