Real-time data from Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud helps work truck fleets increase uptime...

Real-time data from Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud helps work truck fleets increase uptime and reduce costs.

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The Samsara Connected Operations Cloud was selected by Estes Express Lines, a large, privately-owned freight carrier in North America. In addition, the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud was selected by Nutrien Ag Solutions, an agriculture inputs and services provider.

  • Estes leverages Samsara to provide exceptional customer and employee experiences while improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of its operations. 
  • Nutrien Ag Solutions leverages Samsara’s Video-Based Safety and Vehicle Telematics solutions to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of its operations. 

Why Estes Connected with Samsara

Estes has delivered responsive freight solutions for nearly a century. Today, its customers are served by more than 22,000 employees, 9,600 tractors, 37,000 trailers, and 270 terminals. Real-time data from Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud helps Estes increase uptime, reduce costs, and achieve its goal to create a digital twin of its entire shipment lifecycle.

According to a company release, with Samsara, Estes provides a higher degree of visibility to its customers while removing time-intensive paper-based processes for its drivers and operations staff. 

“Providing customers a frictionless shipping experience comes down to having the right data. Samsara provides the increased visibility customers want and drivers with a better day-to-day since they spend less time on data entry and more on the work they love,” said Todd Florence, CIO of Estes. “What stood out was Samsara’s dedication to partnering, great employee feedback about ease of use, and the platform’s ability to integrate with our backend systems. We’re excited to use Samsara to take our customer and employee experience to a new level.”

At Estes, safety is a core value and is ingrained in everything it does. Estes plans to use insights gathered from Samsara AI Dash cams to coach drivers and improve driver safety. The company is also committed to being a good steward of the Earth and reducing its carbon footprint. As part of this pursuit, Estes will use Samsara to reduce its reliance on paper, move from preventive to predictive maintenance, and increase fuel economy across its fleet. 

Samsara notes that the value it provides is in large part due to its ability to digitize and combine Estes’ assets into one unified platform. Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud breaks down silos to increase efficiency and can provide organizations with rapid ROI. Samsara has become the system of record for physical operations, helping customers run smarter, safer, and more efficient operations. 

“It’s inspiring to see leaders like Estes turn to technology to revolutionize their operations and make a positive impact on both customers and employees,” said Stephen Franchetti, CIO of Samsara. “There’s such value to be had in developing a digital twin of your operations to improve supply chain visibility and customer experience. It’s an exciting time for Samsara to be working with Estes on their digital transformation.” 

Connecting Nutrien Ag Solutions

Nutrien Ag Solutions is the retail business of Nutrien Ltd., the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, and is part of a global network spanning three continents. With Samsara, Nutrien Ag Solutions is elevating its driver safety program and discovering new efficiencies that support its commitment to the environment. Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud will be a critical component of the company’s digital supply chain plan, connecting its core operations center for branch visibility into about 75,000 fleet assets. 

Samsara helps Nutrien Ag Solutions realize its safety goal of "everyone home safe, every day.” With Samsara’s Video-Based Safety solution, the company can prevent crashes, promote safe driving behaviors with in-cab alerts, and exonerate drivers from false claims. Samsara’s technology enables Nutrien Ag Solutions to mitigate risk and strengthen driver skillsets through event analysis, education, and coaching. As a result, the company can reduce unsafe driving practices like speeding, harsh braking, and distracted driving.

"Above all, Nutrien Ag Solutions is committed to the safety of our customers and our people, and that means exploring new and innovative technologies to ensure we are conducting operations according to our Culture of Care, with safety and integrity front of mind," said David Elser, Senior Vice President of Nutrien Ag Solutions North America. “By taking a data-driven approach with a like-minded organization like Samsara, we are able to better understand the needs of the field and ensure we make home safe, every day, while also helping us reduce our environmental footprint by reducing idling and fuel consumption.”   

Samsara offers the largest open ecosystem of partner integrations for physical operations. Nutrien Ag Solutions uses Samsara’s turnkey OEM integrations for benefits like increased visibility into vehicle health and utilization. The company plans to leverage Samsara’s partner integrations for additional logistics, diagnostics, and asset management needs. 

"As every industry becomes more connected, organizations are producing massive amounts of data and need to make it actionable," said Jeff Hausman, Chief Product Officer of Samsara. "Having the right real-time insights can transform physical operations, and enhancing the Nutrien Ag Solutions safety program with this information is just one of the reasons we're excited to be working with their team. I look forward to seeing the many outcomes we can accomplish together." 

Samsara has been experiencing ongoing growth, having surpassed $300 million in run-rate subscription revenue over five years back in 2021. Today, such companies as Werner are turning to Samsara to improve the safety and experience of drivers across its fleet and reduce costs.

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