Customers can now leverage insights from Samsara devices within John Deere Operations Center to...

Customers can now leverage insights from Samsara devices within John Deere Operations Center to monitor support vehicles.

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Samsara Inc. announced a new integration with John Deere to further empower agricultural operations leaders. Samsara and John Deere have expanded upon their existing JDLink integration, and are delivering new features that provide greater visibility into support vehicles to optimize farming operations.

Support vehicles in agriculture - such as fuel trucks, service trucks, and pickups - play a critical role in farming operations. Their instrumental tasks include taking fuel to equipment, transporting crops, and servicing equipment. The ability to monitor support vehicles’ location and status progress in near real-time and quickly access information without interrupting workflows on the farm is key.

With this new integration, data from Samsara Vehicle Gateways on support vehicles, including vehicle location, heading, speed, and fuel levels, is available on the John Deere Operations Center map, an online farm management system that enables access to farm information anytime, anywhere.

Now, customers can leverage insights from Samsara devices within John Deere Operations Center to monitor support vehicles, alongside JDLink enabled equipment and machinery, all on one platform. This consolidated view allows customers to have complete visibility into all of their farming equipment and vehicles. As a result, these organizations can maximize efficiency and uptime, and improve communication workflows.

“Bringing our customers the highest quality products and services is always top of mind at John Deere. Now, with the power of Samsara devices on farm support vehicles, customers have a way
to stay on top of where everyone is to improve farm logistics,” said Matt Daniels, product marketing manager at John Deere. "We’re excited about this next stage in our relationship with Samsara and are looking forward to what the future holds as we continue to build together.”

This integrated solution with John Deere Operations Center is now currently available in early access for eligible support vehicles in the United States and Canada. Learn more on the Samsara App Marketplace.

“The agriculture industry has seen the value of technology innovation for several years. With this integration, we’re able to take another step forward in bringing these physical operations to the
cloud,” explained Chris Mozzocchi, Senior Director of Product Management, Product and Ecosystem Integrations at Samsara. “Now that customers can access information from Samsara Gateways alongside the rest of their farm operations powered by John Deere, they have the complete visibility they need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.”

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