In recent months, Samsara launched integrations with ThermoKing, General Motors (GM), and...

In recent months, Samsara launched integrations with ThermoKing, General Motors (GM), and Free2move, the global fleet, mobility, and connected data company that is part of Stellantis.

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Samsara announced that 200 partner integrations, including ThermoKing, Navistar – and the latest, RUBICONSmartCity – are now available on the Samsara platform. In addition, the company has welcomed a new executive, Ursula Worth, VP of Channel and Strategic Partnerships.

Similar to leading cloud platforms that exist to deliver actionable insights for IT workers, Samsara has built its Connected Operations Cloud to access, analyze, and act on the world’s abundant operations data. According to the compant, billions of data points flow through Samsara daily, providing organizations with mission-critical insights that shape their operations. These insights give customers the ability to make decisions in real-time: whether that’s adjusting a route for a delivery, managing snow removal in a blizzard, or prioritizing a repair truck’s manifest to ensure electricity is quickly restored to the most critical locations after a hurricane. 

“Many industrial companies are currently facing economic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, and tight labor markets,” said Sean McGee, Vice President, Platform and Infrastructure at Samsara. “To combat these challenges, they’re turning to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. Our platform captures data holistically and surfaces actionable insights, allowing our customers to control costs by running safer and smarter operations.”

In the past six months, Samsara has processed more than 2.6 trillion data points and more than 23 billion API calls. As the scale of this data grows exponentially, Samsara shared that it continues to tune analytics models and iterate on its platform to provide even richer insights, creating a competitive advantage for new and existing customers.

For example, Arka Express is a U.S. van truckload carrier using Samsara to operate more efficiently.

“Samsara started as a solution for us to improve driver safety and enhance the overall driving experience. Now, we are seamlessly integrating that data into our existing systems, like learning platforms and compliance solutions,” explained Igor Naumov, director of safety at Arka Express. “As a result, we’re able to reduce operational costs and reinvest that money into other areas of the business. I’m excited to see how these insights become even more impactful as Samsara brings additional data onto its platform.”

Samsara Announces New Integration with RUBICONSmartCity

Customers can now leverage more than 200 integrations on the Samsara App Marketplace, according to the company, which provides access data both in Samsara and across other systems. With this integration, the company stated that it is the largest open ecosystem of partner integrations for physical operations. This streamlined data sharing made possible by Samsara’s open API allows organizations to have a single source of truth and improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain operational resilience. 

In recent months, Samsara launched integrations with ThermoKing, General Motors (GM), and Free2move, the global fleet, mobility, and connected data company that is part of Stellantis.

Now, a new integration with RUBICONSmartCity is available on Samsara’s App Marketplace to further improve efficiency and sustainability in government fleets. With fault code, speeding, fuel level, and GPS data from Samsara accessible in the RUBICONSmartCity suite, shared customers will have complete visibility into waste and recycling information alongside the rest of their operational data to increase the safety and transparency of citizen services.

“Waste and recycling is a challenging and expensive endeavor for many cities. It is often one of the top five costs that a city faces and resources are stretched,” explained Conor Riffle, Senior Vice President of Smart Cities at Rubicon. “With this integration, we can now combine the power of Rubicon’s smart city software for waste and recycling with the power of Samsara’s fleet-wide telematics. The result is complete fleet visibility and more actionable insights to reduce costs for our joint customers.”

Samsara Hires New Leader of Channel and Partnership Strategy

Samsara has welcomed Ursula Worth as VP of Channel and Strategic Partnerships to further expand the company’s partner ecosystem. With over 20 years of partnership experience, Ursula joins Samsara from C.H. Robinson, a large global logistics platform company, where she led their global Partnership and Strategic Alliances program. Prior to that, Ursula held leadership roles at Networked Insights, Google, and Compuware Corporation.

“Samsara delivers real-world impact through the strength of our technology and data. What drew me to the company is the unique opportunity to bring partners along as we digitally transform physical operations,” said Worth. “Our customers operate in vast and complex environments, which has made Samsara’s open ecosystem increasingly valuable. I’m looking forward to further expanding this ecosystem with new types of partnerships that will deliver even greater value for Samsara customers.”

According to Clara Terrien, Head of Network, at project44, a long-time integration partner on Samsara’s App Marketplace, “Partnering with Samsara has expanded our opportunity to make supply chains more efficient during particularly disruptive times. We see incredible value in the breadth of data collected on Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud and the future of what’s possible in up-leveling our customer experience.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Samsara’s partner programs and opportunities, submit an application at

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