With my Geotab, fleet operators can identify current charge levels, energy efficiency insights,...

With my Geotab, fleet operators can identify current charge levels, energy efficiency insights, and more. 

Photo: Synop/Geotab/Work Truck

Synop and Geotab entered a partnership that will give fleet operators in North America access to integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management within Geotab’s software platform, MyGeotab.

Commercial fleets, which include maintenance vehicles, delivery vans, and semi-trucks, face many obstacles when integrating EVs, including energy price volatility, multiple charging requirements, and prolonged charge cycles.

Integrating Synop’s software with Geotab’s data insights allows customers to manage their EV assets in real-time on a single, unified platform.

”At Geotab, sustainability is core to our purpose. Actionable data insights and sustainable customer solutions are essential as we transition to a low-carbon future,” said Eric Mallia, VP of Sustainability Solutions at Geotab. “We’re thrilled to add Synop’s solution to our sustainability ecosystem, supporting our customers to better manage their EV fleet, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.”

Managing EV Assets

With no additional hardware or installation required, fleet operators can identify within their existing telematics platform:

  • Current charge levels.
  • Anticipate when vehicles are expected to be fully charged.
  • Gauge necessary energy needed for upcoming trips.
  • Evaluate expenses associated with fueling up.
  • Gain insights into the energy efficiency of each vehicle.

Customers with further needs, such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) support and energy time of use rates, will also have access to these controls within the integration.

Synop is expanding its reach exponentially with the help of Geotab’s robust ecosystem—giving fleets unprecedented access to a full suite of data-driven services,” said Gagan Dhillon, Co-Founder & CEO of Synop. “This integration not only makes mixed fleet management easier but also helps businesses realize all of the potential cost savings that EVs can offer. That is how we will accelerate the electrification of commercial transportation.”

Synop is designed to support all commercial EV types and charging infrastructures and offers interoperability across mixed-fuel fleets.

Synop is specifically designed for large commercial fleets to transform the performance of their EV operations and achieve sustainability commitments. 

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