Loomis, one of the world’s largest cash and high-value item transportation services providers, is also one of Xos’s earliest and longest-standing partners. The first 100% battery-electric truck from Xos was implemented for Loomis in 2019. 

Fast forward four years and Xos announced that it is proud to continue its work with Loomis to support its fleet electrification needs. 

Operating in 23 countries globally, with nearly 200 locations in the United States, Loomis currently operates 20 battery-electric trucks in its fleet, all designed and manufactured by Xos. 


And now, the partnership has expanded to include charging infrastructure and services from Xos Energy Solutions (XES). Xos unveiled the first chargers at Loomis’s Montebello, Calif. location. 

“Xos Energy Solutions is a suite of comprehensive charging infrastructure and consulting services designed to simplify the process for fleet owners transitioning from internal combustion engine to fully-electric. We’re thrilled to unveil the first XES charging infrastructure — seven Level 2 chargers — for Loomis at its Montebello, Calif. location,” said Xos in a blog

What Does it Take to Install EV Charging Infrastructure?


Charging infrastructure is absolutely essential for fleets looking to move to electric fleets. According to Xos, charging infrastructure installation can be difficult and includes:

  • Evaluating a site’s physical structure and power capacity. 
  • Coming up with the safest and most efficient charging design plan.
  • Undergoing a permitting process involving city planning offices.
  • Securing the proper authorizations to begin the installation work.
  • Hiring and deploying electricians to install the wiring fixtures and systems.

Xos noted that it created XES to focus on assisting its customers with this complex process. 

A Growing Suite of Charging Capabilities

In September, Xos announced the suite of DC fast chargers for medium-duty and heavy-duty Class 5-8 trucks.  

The five chargers include:

  • 30kW portable EV charger.
  • 30kW wall-mount EV charger.
  • 60kW EV charger.
  • 150kW EV charger.
  • 300kW EV charger.

The chargers are now available and will be offered as part of Xos Energy Solutions alongside the Xos Hub mobile charging station and Xos Serv.

Xos rebranded from Thor Trucks in early 2019. In additional recent news, Xos has been on a roll, announcing a partnership with Thermo King in early 2022, delivering 65 battery-electric vans to Merchants Fleet, and naming a new pilot service provider

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