DFS and A&C aim to help W.W. Williams brand and alignment with other GTS locations.  -  Photo: W.W. Williams Company/Work Truck

DFS and A&C aim to help W.W. Williams brand and alignment with other GTS locations.

Photo: W.W. Williams Company/Work Truck

As the demands of operating costs, fuel, and maintenance needs for commercial fleets continue to increase, so does The W.W. Williams Company’s ability to service customers.

To continue meeting the growing demand for maximizing utilization and minimizing downtime, Desert Fleet-Serv (DFS) and A&C Mobile Truck Service, both Williams companies, have become a part of the Guaranteed Truck Service (GTS) network of locations operating across the county.

“Making the changes at DFS and A&C will help build our brand and alignment with other GTS and W.W. Williams locations,” said Southwest Divisional General Manager David Ruff.

“We are excited to join GTS and grow the business in the Arizona market. We see this as an opportunity to better serve our local customer base while offering our national customers a greater service footprint.”

Guaranteed Truck Service provides a wide range of commercial fleet maintenance, diagnostic and repair services, including onsite, roadside, and emergency breakdown services to businesses across the Midwest, Central, Southern, and now Southwestern parts of the United States.

“By leveraging the Guaranteed Truck Service and W.W. Williams national network of resources and combining that with the strengths of DFS and A&C, we can provide an industry-leading truck and fleet service offering to Arizona customers and those traveling throughout the region,” said CEO, John Simmons.

Desert Fleet-Serv Serving the Fleet Industry

Acquired by The W.W. Williams Company in 2017, Desert Fleet-Serv is a nearly 30-year-old business with a strong standing in the Arizona fleet service market. Recognized among the best in the industry, DFS specializes in providing preventative maintenance, complete vehicle repairs, and emergency roadside assistance to companies operating commercial fleets of diesel trucks and trailers.

In early 2022, Williams expanded the DFS locations and footprint by acquiring A&C Mobile Truck Service. An independent truck shop experienced in vehicle maintenance and repair, A&C continued to operate under its name and service customers with commercial trucks, trailers, RVs, and fleets throughout the Phoenix Valley.

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