Every new Battle Motors Class 7 & 8 heavy-duty EV truck will come with a factory installed,...

Every new Battle Motors Class 7 & 8 heavy-duty EV truck will come with a factory installed, digital instrument cluster that runs RevolutionOS. 

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T-Mobile announced that Battle Motors has selected the company as the preferred provider of IoT connectivity and management for thousands of new Battle Motors battery electric trucks rolling off the Ohio-based production line.

Like consumer automotive, the commercial truck industry is moving swiftly to embrace EV technology — and Battle Motors is no exception. Their RevolutionOS, powered by T-Mobile's nationwide network, delivers actionable data and information to drivers and fleet managers that they can use to enhance efficiency, safety, and security.

As part of this long-term agreement, T-Mobile for Business will deliver 4G LTE connectivity to Battle Motors trucks for near real-time sharing of battery range and usage information, historic and near real-time location and trip data, timely preventative maintenance warnings, over-the-air software, and firmware updates — as well as the truck's full bill of materials, such as VIN-specific information, parts, and manuals.

Every new Battle Motors Class 7 and CLass 8 heavy-duty EV truck — like the ones that haul garbage, dirt, and freight — will come with a factory installed, ruggedized digital instrument cluster that runs RevolutionOS. Through T-Mobile's network, Battle Motors’ RevolutionOS will let customers view and update critical information directly from the truck, or remotely from a desktop computer or mobile device, just by scanning a QR code.

Additionally, T-Mobile Control Center will give Battle Motors the ability to view and manage the connectivity of their trucks. Battle Motors can easily accelerate deployment of its growing line of trucks with the automation and provisioning capabilities of T-Mobile’s IoT platform. Battle Motors will have near real-time visibility to all their commercial trucks with the ability to monitor network conditions and device behavior with T-Mobile Control Center.

In the near future, Battle Motors expects to leverage the Un-carrier's 5G network to meet industrial-sized challenges for years to come as their trucks’ capabilities advance and the demands on connectivity increase. T-Mobile is poised to push IoT to its full potential and catapult adoption — paving the way for new electric vehicle applications that rely on low-latency, high-speed data, and real-time location and proximity-based services. 

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