The easy to install lighting illuminates weather guard shelving units for increased visibility...

The easy to install lighting illuminates weather guard shelving units for increased visibility and efficiency for professional contractors and tradespeople.

Photo: Weather Guard

Weather Guard, a manufacturer of work truck equipment, has introduced its van shelf lighting with integrated PowerSync technology. The van shelf lighting provides better storage visibility and efficiency and can be customized to the vehicle to provide the ideal lighting solution for the user.

“Many of our end users find their vans are too dark to find tools and materials easily. They often resort to using phone lights and flashlights to search for the items needed,” said Adam Molberger, senior product manager at Weather Guard. “The new van shelf lighting with PowerSync technology illuminates van shelves and work areas, helping professionals locate tools quickly and easily and eliminating the need for additional lighting sources, increasing overall efficiencies and peace of mind.”

It features low-profile, commercial-grade LED light strips that brighten each shelf in the van storage area. The lights can be placed in any location on the shelf and are compatible with both Weather Guard and standard van shelving. Lighting terminals connect directly to the van battery, and the automated lights are activated by a switch mounted to the van's shelf or bulkhead. Additionally, it includes cable management solutions for a simplified and clean installation.

It is easily integrated into the van power system with a PowerSync harness, requiring no cutting or splicing and no need for battery replacements. Set-up time takes no more than 30-minutes.