Discover what pieces relating to utility fleets caught the eye of Work Truck readers most this year. - Photo: Canva

Discover what pieces relating to utility fleets caught the eye of Work Truck readers most this year. 

Photo: Canva

Another year of COVID-19 certainly didn't stop utility fleets from making sure customers had the energy and resources they needed to stay safe at home. In 2021, it appeared many were interested in running safer, more compliant fleets upfitted to get their jobs done more efficiently. Check out the most read utility fleet-related pieces below. 

  • Aerial Device Safety: Dos and Don’ts: Knowledge, preparation, and implementation of key safety principles such as following OSHA guidelines when operating aerial devices can prevent unnecessary on-the-job injuries and fatalities. 
  • BOLT Lock Now Standard on Royal Truck Body Products: BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) is now the only lock used in handle assemblies on all Royal Truck Body models. 
  • Aluminum Service Body Drawers: EZ STAK Drawer Units provide an efficient storage solution for a fleet’s various tools and parts.
  • What Are the Top Utility Industry Tech Trends for 2021?: Utilities no longer have a choice but to embrace technology to foster innovation and change.
  • Katerack Van Shelving: Standard configuration includes either two or three pull-out shelves that can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Hydraulic Outrigger Systems: Power-Packer’s Hydraulic Outrigger Systems use a 12V electric/hydraulic pump with manifold to power down two hydraulic legs and a long power out cylinder to stabilize the rear of a utility crane or bucket lift truck.
  • Acing Your Bucket Truck Inspection: Bucket and crane trucks pose greater safety risks than some other fleet equipment. Because employees’ lives may be at risk, careful inspection and maintenance of these vehicles are essential. 
  • How PG&E is Doing More with Data: Senior Director Michael Glover talks about how the utility company’s skilled mechanics, engineers, and analysts are integrating asset management system, telematics, and diagnostic tools to increase safety, compliance, and efficiencies.
  • JLG Fall Arrest System Offers Extended Workspace: The feature allows an occupant to exit the platform at height and step onto adjacent structures while being tied off to an approved lanyard anchor point on the platform.
  • Evolving to Tackle Modern Challenges: Matthew Betz of DTE Energy discusses embracing change and bettering operations through adaptation. 

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