Fullbay, a platform that improves the operational efficiency of heavy-duty repair shops,...

Fullbay, a platform that improves the operational efficiency of heavy-duty repair shops, introduces Fullbay Marketplace to simplify and accelerate the part-ordering process.

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Fullbay, a platform designed to improve the operational efficiency of heavy-duty repair shops, has introduced Fullbay Marketplace to streamline the part-purchasing process for independent shops and fleet maintenance departments. The marketplace eliminates multiple steps related to ordering parts, maximizes searchability, and simplifies the vendor interface. 

Fullbay Marketplace is an integrated parts-purchasing tool that allows shops to view part cost, availability, and shipping times across vendors and then perform a single-click order. Additionally, the system enables users to drill down on landed costs for each part, something shops struggle to do without an automated system, Fullbay officials said in a press release. 

The Fullbay Marketplace module, which is free to all Fullbay customers, is being launched with FinditParts as its first integrated parts vendor.

Traditionally, the part-ordering process can require a large number of steps, such as:

  • Contacting a preferred parts vendor with part number for pricing.
  • If the preferred vendor is out of stock, contacting a second and/or third parts vendor to locate the part.
  • Conducting a parts cross-reference if the first part choice is unavailable to locate suitable alternatives.
  • Ordering the part from a vendor when it is finally located.
  • Providing the vendor with a purchase order number.
  • Requesting the arrival time or date of the shipment.
  • Upon arrival, completing a three-way match to check the purchase order against the vendor invoice and the part.
  • Confirming the part is logged in the inventory system.
  • Updating the purchase orders and ensuring accuracy of accounting.
  • Marking up parts appropriately and add to the customer’s service order.

With Fullbay Marketplace, inventories, shipping times, and costs are available in real time, 24 hours a day, and order logs, payment details, and tracking are generated and stored automatically. Invoices are eliminated because parts are purchased using the credit card on file within the secure Fullbay system.

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