Increased access to robust Ford vehicle data is driving actionable insights and improved...

Increased access to robust Ford vehicle data is driving actionable insights and improved business operations for customers.

Photo: IntelliShift

IntelliShift announced Feb. 25 the enhancement of its fleet-centric operation intelligence solutions through a new collaboration with Ford Commercial Solutions.

For IntelliShift customers with compatible Ford vehicles, this relationship integrates Ford vehicle data into IntelliShift’s platform, further augmenting its machine learning-driven predictive solutions for fleet operations. IntelliShift’s fleet customer base is comprised of large, process improvement-driven organizations, and the collaboration with Ford will broaden their access to unique, real-time data for customers using compatible Ford vehicles – including datasets around fuel usage, seatbelt status, driver safety, and more.

IntelliShift deployed a data exchange to connect with Ford vehicles equipped with built-in modems, starting with 2018 Model Year and becoming standard across all Ford vehicles in 2020 Model Year. When requested by the customer, data can be securely transferred to IntelliShift’s cloud-based SaaS platform. Eliminating the need to install additional hardware, IntelliShift’s web-based API connects disparate data systems – including insights collected from customers’ Ford vehicles – creating one unified system that delivers actionable insights for clients to better manage company operations.

As a result of the collaboration, IntelliShift has expanded access to a data-rich vehicle performance and safety information database that can deliver deeper insight into driver behaviors, real-time information around GPS locations, and more. By applying the full Ford dataset to its Operations Intelligence machine learning solution, IntelliShift can uncover predictive analytics around driver behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and more – leading to safer, more efficient and cost-effective operations.