Curious about renewable fuels? About biofuels? A new series of short videos enables you to take just a few minutes to get a quick review of essentials about renewable fuels.

A series of short, 2-4 minutes (or so) videos instruct on topics such as the wide range of things that can be used to make renewable fuels; making chemicals, including fuels, from waste CO2; retrofitting an old car to use E-85 (85% renewable fuel); the historical, everyday and future uses of renewable fuels; and deeper dives into the benefits of renewable fuels.

Started by people working in the world of renewable fuels and chemicals, the series is now created and managed by student volunteers.

The first episode of "Just A Minute (or So) about Renewable Fuels" focuses on what might be used to make renewable fuels. Students, teachers, or anyone interested in renewable fuels can see in a 3-minute slide presentation pictures of dozens of "feedstocks" used to make renewable fuels or potential feedstocks being researched for that purpose from plants to used cooking oil and waste CO2.

After watching the first episode you will be able to answer these questions:

  1.  Name five things, other than corn, that can be used to make renewable transportation fuel.
  2. If you are making ethanol for fuel in Asia, what kind of feedstock might you use?
  3. What do you think of when you hear the word "biofuel"? Is your answer different after watching Episode 1 than it was before? What's the difference, if any?
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