The Reel Winder is designed for Class 3-5 vehicles. - Photo courtesy of DewEze

The Reel Winder is designed for Class 3-5 vehicles.

Photo courtesy of DewEze

The Reel Winder is an upgraded component to DewEze's Reel Transport Bed that features an integrated flow control to hydraulically take up and payout cable or wire in a one-man operation. The Reel Winder is designed to expand the capability of the Reel Transport Bed for underground construction projects where demand is growing, according to the company.

“Our goal with the Reel Winder was to create a product that would increase the value of your fleet’s Class 3-5 vehicles, enabling them to be more than just tool storage” said Drew Gerber, vice president of product. “Workforce shortages and CDL requirements create challenges for growth. The Reel Transport Bed helps alleviate those labor challenges by eliminating a vehicle in the fleet and reassigning teams, while cutting operational costs.”

The redesign gives operators more control when lifting a variety of reels. Under the hood hydraulics power the arms on the bed to span from 53 to 28 inches, offering flexibility in heavy lifting jobs. Simply tap into the bed’s tool circuit to power the reel winder and make quick work of any pulling job.

“We use it for everything,” said Mike Olberding, operations manager for DS&O Electric Cooperative in Kansas. “The RT Bed is a workhorse — from pulling poles, stringing wire and throwing rock — there’s just so many things you can do with the bed you’ve never done before. It’s the most efficient work truck you can put in your fleet today.”

The RT Bed is available in four core combinations: risers and reel bar, spindle system, overspin brake, and reel power winder. Orders are currently being taken for the Reel Winder spring 2020 release.