From engines and transmissions to tires and new upfits, The Work Truck Show 2020 will have something for every fleet.

With more than 500,000 square feet of exhibit space to explore it's impossible to see everything. Work Truck assembled this list to help you plan out your booth visits and time on the floor. 

Allison Transmission

Booth #3875

AXE Series

Allison AXE  -  Photo: Allison Transmission

Allison AXE

Photo: Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission’s AXE Series is an e-axle system for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. A fully integrated electric powertrain fits inside a standard frame along the axles. It features electric motors, multi-speed gearbox, oil coolers, and pumps, with continuous power of 536 horsepower and peak output power of 738 horsepower. 

Allison 9-Speed Transmission

Allison 9-Speed  -  Photo: Allison Transmission

Allison 9-Speed

Photo: Allison Transmission

With its deep first gear ratio and industry-leading ratio coverage, the Allison 9-speed transmission with FuelSense provides fuel savings as the torque converter locks up early in first gear. The 9-speed includes an integral engine stop-start system providing immediate transmission engagement and vehicle hold. Setting a benchmark in fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, the 9-speed is ideal for distribution trucks and rental and lease trucks.

American Eagle

Booth #3267

40P Compressor

American Eagle 40P  -  Photo: American Eagle

American Eagle 40P

Photo: American Eagle

American Eagle released a new lightweight, 40CFM above deck, hydraulically driven air compressor, the 40P. The 40P is a hybrid reciprocating compressor that pairs aluminum and cast steel to control weight while producing a maximum CFM output of 40CFM and up to 150PSI air pressure. The combination of materials provides a unit that comes in at 240-pound (dry weight) with a mounting envelope of 30.44-inches long x 20-inches deep x 22.68-inches high, making it a compact, weight-saving solution.

LubeMate Aluminum Lube Skids

American Eagle Lube Skid  -  Photo: American Eagle

American Eagle Lube Skid

Photo: American Eagle

American Eagle expanded its LubeMate line of lube skids with its new aluminum lube skid. Manufactured with 3/16th aluminum, the skid offers a 30% weight reduction over its steel counterpart. The new lube skid will be available in three mobile standards: V-110 (55g new oil and 55g salvage oil), V-120 (two 40g new oil and 49g salvage oil), and V-160 (two 40g new oil and 80g salvage oil). By combining weight-saving solutions and trusted quality, the new aluminum skid makes the perfect field service solution.


Booth #5840

BFGoodrich Route Control Tires

BFGoodrich Route Control Tires  -  Photo: BFGoodrich

BFGoodrich Route Control Tires

Photo: BFGoodrich

The BFGoodrich Route Control tires are part of the lineup of BFGoodrich tires designed to meet the needs of customers seeking uptime to get their job done in everyday and challenging conditions. The BFGoodrich brand’s durability and treadwear are made to take on the toughest of regional and city routes.  Take control in and out of the city with this curb-fighting, smooth-wearing steer/all-position regional tire that’s SmartWay verified​.


Booth #241





Improving on the standard crossover or saddle-box type toolbox, BOXED is made using bombproof, corrosion-proof, engineered, injection-molded HDPE and polypropylene plastics technology with integrated, anti-corrosion treated steel frame parts and hardware. Top features include an integrated, aluminum ladder that deploys once the box lid is opened to provide safe ergonomic access to items in the toolbox. An independent locking mechanism maintains a tight, theft-proof lock on the lid even when locks and latches have been compromised. BOXED also features a waterproof seal made of EPDM rubber that is carried in the spring-loaded (no bound to fail gas struts) lid. 

BOXED is compatible with accessories such as DECKED D-Box and Crossbox. Two sizes fitting all midsize and full-size trucks are available as well as a common “deep draft” depth and a “shallow draft” depth for compatibility with the DECKED drawer system. 


Booth #5767

EZ STAK Truck Drawer with Meter Tray

EZ STAK Truck Drawer with Meter Tray  -  Photo: EZ STAK

EZ STAK Truck Drawer with Meter Tray

Photo: EZ STAK

Organize all equipment and meters with EZ STAK’s Truck Drawer with Meter Tray, designed to fit any truck bed. The lightweight and durable drawer is made of aluminum and is 21-inches high by 48-inches wide and 60-inches deep. There is a three-drawer configuration at the bottom, and the drawer slides can handle up to 500 pounds. Standard key locks are on all drawers and the slide-out meter tray can hold 21 meters. 

EZ STAK Turnkey 12’ Trailer

EZ STAK Turneykey 12' Trailer  -  Photo: EZ STAK

EZ STAK Turneykey 12' Trailer

Photo: EZ STAK

EZ STAK optimizes mobile workspaces for 12- to 53-foot trailers. Whether you need interior cabinets or a full upfit with lighting and power, EZ STAK is your one-stop-shop. At NTEA The Work Truck Show 2020, EZ STAK will have a 12-foot trailer on display, which includes, closets, lockers, drawers, two work stations, interior and exterior lighting, and exterior cabinet to store a portal generator. See how EZ STAK can turn your trailer into an optimized mobile workspace.

Ford Commercial Vehicles

Booth #3239

Ford Transit

Ford Transit  -  Photo: Ford

Ford Transit

Photo: Ford

Ford Transit is significantly updated for 2020. Transit offers the most vehicle configurations in its class to help customers specify the right van for any job. Along with cargo van, passenger van, chassis cab, and cutaway, a new crew van, which can carry five people in two rows, joins the lineup. The 2020 Transit offers all-new intelligent all-wheel drive. Standard equipment includes new driver-assist features, FordPass Connect modem with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and connectivity for up to 10 devices, along with USB outlets in every row of the passenger van.

Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty  -  Photo: Ford

Ford Super Duty

Photo: Ford

An all-new 7.3L V-8 joins the standard 6.2L V-8 in Ford’s 2020 F-Series Super Duty gas engine lineup, while the new third-generation 6.7L Power Stroke diesel V-8 is upgraded to deliver more power and torque. An all-new 10-speed heavy-duty TorqShift automatic transmission is paired with the 7.3L V-8 and 6.7L Power Stroke diesel V-8. Technology updates include a standard FordPass Connect embedded 4G LTE modem with Wi-Fi access for up to 10 devices, available lane-keeping alert, blind spot information system with trailer coverage, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, class-exclusive new pro trailer backup assist, wireless charging, and USB-C ports.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Booth #4383

Fuel Max RTD ULT Tire

Goodyear Fuel Max RTD ULT Tire  -  Photo: Goodyear

Goodyear Fuel Max RTD ULT Tire

Photo: Goodyear

The Goodyear Fuel Max RTD ULT tire is an open shoulder 19.5-inch drive tire. Balancing mileage, fuel efficiency, and traction, this regional drive tire help manage every challenging surface and every turn with confidence – while helping extend tread life and lower fuel costs. It features a fuel-efficient compound and traction and qualifies for Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (severe snow traction ratings). Also, its premium enhanced casing helps provide durability for maximum retreadability.

GPS Insight

Booth #5467

Driveri 360° AI Fleet Camera

Driveri Camera  -  Photo: GPS Insight

Driveri Camera

Photo: GPS Insight

The GPS Insight Driveri camera is lightyears ahead of traditional dash cams and a world ahead of what other telematics providers offer. The camera’s AI constantly analyzes a 360-degree view that deciphers every moment on the road, delivering only those meaningful events, both positive and negative, simplifying your job. Its comprehensive dashboard allows you to easily view alerts, benchmark driver behavior with GreenZone scoring, and log coaching sessions, improving the safety of your fleet and allowing you to stay in accident prevention mode, instead of accident reaction mode.

Hannay Reels 

Booth #5646

N700 Spring Rewind Reel

N700 Spring Rewind Reel  -  Photo: Hannay Reels

N700 Spring Rewind Reel

Photo: Hannay Reels

The N700 is designed to meet several different industrial applications such as water, air, lube, high pressure, and more. With a narrow frame, compact footprint, and various mounting options and roller positions, it can be installed anywhere. The reels can handle ¼-inch through ½-inch I.D. hose and pressures from 3,000 psi (207 bar) up to 10,000 psi (690 bar). 

Hendrickson International

Booth #3573

Composilite EXS Truck 8k and 10K Steerable Lift Axle 

Composolite EXS Truck 8K and 10K Steerable Lift Axle  -  Photo: Hendrickson International

Composolite EXS Truck 8K and 10K Steerable Lift Axle

Photo: Hendrickson International

The next generation of steerable lift-axle suspension systems from Hendrickson is engineered for enhanced durability and performance. Inset lower beams help optimize lateral stiffness and eliminate the need for V-rods. Zero-torsion rubber bushings provide increased service life and lower cost of ownership with reduced downtime. The patented Steerktek axle technology increases structural durability and incorporates bolt-on axle seats for easier serviceability and reconfiguration, lowering the cost of ownership. Also, the Composilite EXS features a seven-year structural warranty.

W&C: SL13K-1190 

SK13K Steerable Lift Axle  -  Photo: Hendrickson International

SK13K Steerable Lift Axle

Photo: Hendrickson International

The SL13K steerable lift axle suspension serves as Hendrickson’s most popular rated capacity. Its shorter packaging space allows it to be installed on critical mounting spacing. It is lightweight, yet durable and ideal for dump, mixer, refuse, and heavy-haul applications. It features an adjustable ride height and frame width for installation or inventory versatility. The SL13K features a 13,500-pound suspension capacity, ride heights up to 19 inches, a ten-stud hub for 19.5-, 22.5-, and 24.5-inch wheels. Custom engineering is also available for specific customer requirements. The SL13K features a five-year limited warranty. 

Hino Trucks

Booth #4139

Hino Truck Lineup

Hino Truck Lineup  -  Photo: Hino Trucks

Hino Truck Lineup

Photo: Hino Trucks

Hino has unified its entire lineup of trucks, including model names. It also launched its new M Series Class 4/5 cabovers and new L Series Class 6/7 Conventional trucks, which, combined with Hino’s recently launched XL Series Class 7/8 vehicles, creates a cohesive family of commercial trucks.

Each vehicle now contains larger cab configurations and a full suite of features adding safety, fresh designs, durability, flexibility, and connectivity options. The Hino XL Series also gets new advantages for 2021, including the extended cab and crew cab configurations and a snowplow package complete with an 18,000-pound GVW front axle and front frame extensions. The Hino XL7 and XL8 now come standard with a driver’s seatbelt sensor and available ACC building on the trucks’ active safety solutions.

International Truck

Booth #3759

International MV Series

International MV Series  -  Photo: International

International MV Series

Photo: International

Launched in 2018, the Class 6/7 International MV Series redesigned features include new cab doors with a lower bottom glass edge and removed vent window, improving side visibility, and reducing blind spots. The MV Series is also equipped with a new HVAC system, which includes a high-performance MAX defrost feature. The MV Series also features Diamond Logic, an advanced electrical system that streamlines chassis and body equipment integration and allows customers to program automated tasks. The MV Series is available in a variety of specifications: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, and Crew Cab.

International CV Series

International CV Series  -  Photo: International

International CV Series

Photo: International

Launched in late 2018, the International CV Series is a Class 4/5 truck with commercial-grade features, such as a gear-driven transfer case, high-strength, low-alloy steel frame rail, and a painted chassis.  The CV Series includes a commercial-style forward-tilting hood, which provides easy access to the engine and to routine maintenance points. It is powered by the International 6.6L, 350-hp engine with 700 lb.-ft. of torque. Equipped with that engine and two Allison transmission options, the CV is capable of handling up to a maximum GCWR of 37,500 pounds.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

Booth #4639

2019 Isuzu NPR-HD Gas

Isuzu NPR  -  Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

Isuzu NPR

Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

The 2019 Isuzu NPR-HD gas is a low-cab forward Class 4 truck that features a 14,500-pound GVWR. The truck features a 6.0L Vortex V-8 gasoline engine that achieves 297 hp at 4,300 rpm and 372 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm. It is available with compressed natural gas (CNG)/liquefied propane autogas (LPG) alternative-fuel capabilities, and the crew cab option can fit up to seven passengers. Optional Mobileye advanced driver-assistance features, Alpine audio, backup camera upgrades, and a receptacle for an engine block heater are also available. 

2020 Isuzu FTR

Isuzu FTR Family  -  Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

Isuzu FTR Family

Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

Isuzu’s Class 6 low-cab-forward truck, the 2020 FTR features a 25,950-pound GVW and wheelbases of 152 to 248 inches with body lengths up to 30 feet. Powered by the Isuzu 5.2L 4HK1-TC turbocharged, intercooled four-cylinder diesel engine with a B10 durability rating of 375,000. The truck generates 215 hp at 2,500 rpm and 520 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm when mated to the Allison 2550 RDS automatic transmission with PTO opening. Optional Mobileye advanced driver-assistance features, a receptacle for an engine block and oil pan heater, and 17-inch remote/heated mirrors are also available. 


Booth #415


ROXOR  -  Photo: Mahindra


Photo: Mahindra

Introducing the side-by-side that means business. Every ROXOR is hand-assembled in the U.S. with a steel body, a boxed steel frame, and a Mahindra four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. It’s a workhorse with an unmatched 3,490 pounds of towing capacity and 144 ft.-lb. of torque. Factor in that the ROXOR has a truck-like transmission with no belts prone to breaking like traditional SXS’s, resulting in less downtime. All this power, capability, and more than 70 years of rugged heritage make it ready to punch in and tackle almost any job you throw at it. Be sure to check out the off-road work vehicle unlike any other and see what it can do for your business.  

Merchants Fleet 

Booth #2404

 -  Photo: Merchants Fleet

Photo: Merchants Fleet

Truck Fleet Consulting

From Class 1 cargo vans to Class 8 heavy-duty trucks, Merchants Fleet has a specialized team of truck experts ready to help. Our dedicated truck consulting team works hard to gain a thorough understanding of fleet needs and optimize the operations and efficiency of fleet trucks. Merchants can provide a tailored analysis of multiple fleet attributes including finding the right vehicle for the job, maximizing upfits, analyzing driver behavior and total cost of ownership, optimizing lifecycle, analyzing fuel costs, and more. After looking at the data, actions are recommended, from leasing structure to maintenance to safety.

Variable Truck Leasing

Merchants Fleet has a unique short- to long-term conversion lease that keeps drivers in vehicles, avoids the costs of replacing a vehicle to keep it long-term, and keeps businesses moving. Whether you are a vocational fleet with cargo vans and trucks or a project- or seasonal-based business with variable vehicle needs, Merchants’ truck consultants will help find the right leasing solution. With the right lease mix, fleets find the balance between having the core vehicles drivers need year-round and the flexibility to scale a fleet when needed.


Booth #5840

Agilis CrossClimate Tire

Agilis CrossClimate Tire  -

Agilis CrossClimate Tire

The Michelin Agilis CrossClimate is Michelin’s most durable heavy-duty light truck tire designed for tough commercial jobs that provide the protection your business demands and helps you stay on time without the downtime.  The Agilis CrossClimate has professional-grade construction including CurbGard sidewall protectors that resist curb scrubbing in urban environments for improved sidewall durability. The Agilis CrossClimate tire was built to protect your fleet as well as your reputation.

Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

Booth #5591

Propane Autogas 

Propane Autogas   -  Photo: PERC

Propane Autogas 

Photo: PERC

Fleets around the country are experiencing the benefits of propane-autogas powered vehicles to keep their businesses running efficiently while also significantly reducing harmful emissions in their communities — all at the lowest total-cost-of-ownership. Propane autogas is powering light- and medium-duty vehicles for a variety of fleets, including law enforcement, governmental organizations, transit and paratransit, delivery, and more. 

Ram Commercial

Booth #1001

Ram ProMaster

Ram ProMaster  -  Photo: Ram Trucks

Ram ProMaster

Photo: Ram Trucks

The ProMaster is Ram Commercial’s entry for the Class 2 full-size van segment. The 2020 Ram ProMaster full-size van benefits from an exclusive front-wheel-drive system, reducing weight and complexity by locating all components beneath the cab. This keeps the cargo-load-floor height and step-in height very low, which is a great ergonomic feature for the person getting in and out of the van all day. It also helps in low-traction surfaces such as snow, since there is always weight on the front wheels to provide traction. The result is a purpose-built, highly customizable van designed to exceed the demands of commercial customers and upfitters. 

Supreme (by Wabash)

Booth #1531

Gruau Refrigerated Insert 

Gruau Refrigerated Insert  -  Photo: Supreme

Gruau Refrigerated Insert

Photo: Supreme

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)-compliant Gruau refrigerated van insert solution by Supreme reduces operating costs and provides flexible temperature options to meet your business needs. The Gruau design is superior to spray foam, holding temperature and eliminating issues with mold and degradation. It is engineered to provide premium performance in the Cold Chain Final Market. 

Flexible Shelving Solution

Supreme Flexible Storage Solution  -  Photo: Supreme

Supreme Flexible Storage Solution

Photo: Supreme

Supreme offers a flexible shelving solution for efficient package transport. The fold-up design eliminates gaps between shelves for more cargo space. When not in use, shelves may be easily stowed to maximize usable truck body space. That’s more capacity, flexibility, and simple operation to make your job easier. Our standard package options are configurable to meet your specific transport needs. 

Venco Venturo Industries

Booth #3411

Venturo HT45KX with VLC 

Venturo HT45KX with VLC  -  Photo: Venco Venturo

Venturo HT45KX with VLC

Photo: Venco Venturo

The Venturo HT45KX with VLC controls features a maximum capacity of 7,800 pounds. Venturo’s new Electronic Crane Control Management System provides added safety and benefits for crane operators. Benefits include a standard, wireless, pistol-grip controller, overload protection that controls and prevents any type of overload, LCD Display Screen alerts, transmitter handle vibrations, green/yellow/red alert lights under boom, and corresponding lights on the receiver. The LCD display shows percentage of load, boom angle in degrees, and percetage of total capacity during crane operation. The VLC system also provides vehicle stability and grade control. 

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