The new Snap-on EEHD866025 Pro-Link Ultra Diagnostic System software is designed specifically to support the diagnosis and calibration of Hino engines. This v.1.0 version software supports both Hino 600 Series Conventional (2005 to 2016) and Hino 300 Series Cab-Over (2012 to 2016) vehicles.

The Pro-Link line is a heavy-duty diagnostics system that assists technicians in diagnosing heavy-duty vehicles, allowing technicians to pinpoint the problem and save valuable shop time. This system reads active faults; reads and clears inactive faults; and provides a clear view of engine data. 

“This new Pro-Link software offers technicians more than 30 diagnostic tests and numerous calibrations for a range of Hino engines,” said Dave Shock, a Snap-on product manager. "The v.1.0 is a hardworking diagnostic software application that offers so many new benefits to our heavy-duty customers.”

The advanced features of the new EEHD866025 Pro-Link software for Hino engines include:

-        Burner Maintenance Distance Reset                          -    Backflow Line Heater

-        DPF Regeneration (2008 – 2016)                               -    Coolant Shutoff Valve

-        EGR Actuation                                                            -    DEF Dosing

-        Exhaust Brake Actuation                                             -    DEF Heater Relay

-        Fuel Leak Inspection                                                   -    DEF Leak Check

-        Glow Plug Activation                                                   -    DEF Pump Reverting Valve

-        Injector Cutout                                                             -    Pressure Line Heater

-        Intake Throttle Valve Actuation                                   -    Suction Line Heater

-        SCR Memory Reset                                                    -    Air Conditioner Off Relay

-        Start Inhibit/Cranking Only                                          -    Engine Retarder Light

-        Target RPM                                                                 -    Exhaust Brake Light

-        VNT Actuation                                                             -    Tachometer Display

-        Atomization Air Pressure Valve                                  -    Combustion Air Valve

-        Atomizer Injector Opening                                          -    Fuel Pump

-        Atomizer Master Air Valve                                          -    Ignition Coil

Calibrations offered as advanced features include:

-           Injector Programming

-           Present PTO Engine Speed (PTO Idle Speed, Increase Increment Adjustment)

-           DPF Soot Load

Originally posted on Trucking Info