The DLT2-60 is a telescopic articulating lift that brings added working height and side reach to Dur-A-Lift's current material handling aerial lift line. It can be built with or without material handling capabilities.

The material handling version can lift up to 1,000 pounds and has a top-mounted jib and winch that allows the user to easily work from both sides. It is available in insulated or non-insulated formats and is available with the option of three basket styles: single-person material handling; double-person personnel; or dual configuration, which can be used as double-person or single-person material handling.

The optional 22-inch basket elevator allows for extra reach once the basket is in place. The negative boom angle allows for ground access to the basket.

Dur-A-Lift, Inc., will debut the new DLT2-60 at the 2017 ICUEE show in Louisville, Kentucky this October.