Image courtesy of Fairbanks Scales  -

Image courtesy of Fairbanks Scales

Fairbanks Scales Inc. announced the new FH and FHX Series hydraulic forklift weighing systems, ideal for a variety of forklift applications from general check weighing for warehouse racking, to capturing high accuracy weights for shipping.

The FH Series, a top quality basic weighing system for hydraulic forklifts, is the perfect choice for check weighing goods for overload as the goods are moved onto transport trucks or warehouse racks. Easy to install and suitable for rough applications, the FH Series is compatible with hydraulic forklifts with capacities up to 20,000 lbs.

The attractively priced FH Series system is extremely simple to use – The operator follows a simple carriage raising and lowering process to capture a weight that is within 2 percent of the forklift’s weighing capacity. The FH Series system includes an instrument and instrument mounting bracket, weighing sensor, sealing ring, and lifting height reference mark stickers, as well as optional printer systems.

Also available is the FHX Series, a high accuracy weighing system for hydraulic forklifts and reach trucks. Ideal for check weighing, kitting, picking, and general weighing, the highly accurate FHX Series is also suitable for use in combination with (paper roll) clamps and rotators. The FHX offers easy, cost-efficient installation and is compatible with hydraulic trucks that have capacities up to 20,000 lbs.

As the loaded forks pass between two-speed sensors that are embedded in an aluminum housing mounted on the forklift mast, a weighing sensor takes samples of the forklift’s hydraulic pressure. The instrument analyzes the samples and calculates the average value into an extremely accurate weight (+/- 0.2% of applied load). Included in the FHX Series system is the weighing sensor, an instrument with intuitive graphic display and mounting bracket, two-speed sensors, and a magnet that mounts on the carriage plate and works in conjunction with the speed sensors. Optional printer systems are available.