FleetLocate Compliance combines all of the functionality of easy-to-use FleetLocate with fully compliant hours-of-service (HOS) tracking, driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

Stay DOT-compliant via an in-cab Android or iOS tablet and help drivers easily keep track of HOS drive, rest, and sleep regulations. The system syncs with GPS data for a fully compliant electronic logging device (ELD) solution and turns a tablet into a DVIR tool.

Fleet managers can track and coach driver behavior by setting thresholds and alerts for risky driving such as speeding, hard turns, coasting, swerving, gear usage, and more. The system also lets managers review performance across your fleet, by group and by driver.

Let your vehicles tell you what they need by reading and reporting on engine diagnostic codes as simple as tire pressure and battery life to major system alerts. Also, the solution provides the ability to perform quick and easy vehicle inspections via native mobile application, which turns a tablet into a tool for DVIRs.

The system is also customizable with add-on options to accommodate driver ID, Garmin, power take-off (PTO), and much more.