Helping provide improved fuel economy, safety and tire life, the Bendix SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is now available for Peterbilt’s Models 579 and 567, the company recently announced.

The TPMS system monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on the vehicle in real time and will warn the operator of potential problems. The system helps operators keep tires properly inflated, which improves fuel economy and reduces tire wear.

The SmarTire TPMS includes sensors mounted on the wheel inside of each tire and an in-dash display within the main instrument cluster. In addition to communicating warnings, the display can provide the operator with on-demand tire pressure and temperature information.

The Bendix SmarTire system sends alerts for tire pressure deviation, critically low pressure, and high temperatures. The system provides instant visual alerts and has an optional audible alarm.   

In March, Peterbilt introduced the new EPIQ package for the Model 579 that includes the SmarTire system. The EPIQ package can increase fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent through improved performance of key components and an optimized spec that utilizes the most fuel efficient options available. In addition to SmarTire, it includes the PACCAR MX-13 Engine, Fuller Advantage UltraShift PLUS transmission, aerodynamic fairings and enhancements, Low Rolling Resistance Tires and optimized drivetrain software.

Originally posted on Trucking Info