Automotive technicians often use a penlight-style flashlight instead of a work light when working in confined spaces since flashlights are smaller and easier to use. However, a flashlight has a very narrow light beam with hot and dark spots which make it difficult to see what is being inspected. The amount of light produced is usually less than the amount of light produced by a work light. Maxxeon claims to have overcome all of these issues with their Pocket Floodlight which combines the size of a penlight with the performance of a work light.

Ottawa-based lighting tool manufacturer, Maxxeon, Inc., has announced the introduction of the WorkStar Pocket Floodlight, the first in a series of lights for technicians in its Dominate the Dark program.

According to company spokesman John Schira, "This light is ideal for techs... they will be amazed at the massive amount of light that this tool produces. The light output of the Pocket FloodlightTM is comparable to many work lights, and the tech can carry it around in his pocket all day, so he has it whenever he needs it".

The company claims that the light output of 120 lumens is up to 20 times the amount of light produced by many penlights. The state-of-the-art LED has a special wide-angle light beam making it an ideal light for up close use. The special design provides a clear, uniform light pattern, without the "hot spots" and "dark spots" that are common to most flashlights.

The Pocket Floodlight sells for $29.95 and is available from Cornwell Quality Tool dealers as well as from many independent tool dealers. It is also available with a UV LED for use in leak detection and red LED for night readings. For more information visit