EarthCruiser FX (Photo courtesy of EarthCruiser)

EarthCruiser FX (Photo courtesy of EarthCruiser)

Celebrating its third anniversary, EarthCruiser was originally designed to meet the specific needs for an overland expedition vehicle that could go anywhere, originating from Australia. After moving to Bend, Ore., in 2011, manufacturing began in 2013. The location proved ideal for testing due to elevation and varying weather conditions from desert to snow. 

Manufactured on a Mitsubishi Fuso 4x4 Chassis, the diesel-powered EarthCruiser EXP and EarthCruiser FX trucks are 257-inches long (enabling them to fit in a traditional parking space) and a 44-foot turning radius, similar to traditional passenger vans. In addition, EarthCruiser offers the GL Truck Camper, which fits in a short- or long-bed Toyota Tacoma or Nissan pickup truck. 

Additional features include: 

Roof: The EarthCruiser FX has a fixed roof with a 6-foot 6-inch interior height, which sits 8-inches above the cab; the EarthCruiser EXP has a pop-top roof that sits flat with the cab and can expand upwards 24 inches with a push button.

Seating: The EarthCruiser FX has seating for four, while the EXP has seating for two.

Travel Capacity: The EarthCruiser FX has one solar panel and battery, 40 gallons of fresh water, and a 62-gallon fuel capacity standard; The EXP has two solar panels and batteries, 80 gallons of fresh water, and a 80-gallon fuel capacity standard.  

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