Photo of Nissan Sentra courtesy of Nissan.

Photo of Nissan Sentra courtesy of Nissan.

Nissan North America is recalling 622,110 2013-2016 model-year Nissan Sentra compact cars because their front-passenger seat belt brackets may become deformed if they’re used to secure a child restraint system, and this condition can lead to air bag malfunction during a crash.

In these cars, a seat belt bracket damaged in this way might cause the occupant classification system to incorrectly classify the installed child restraint system. As a result, the front passenger air bag may not turn off as designed when a child restraint system is in the seat, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. 

To remedy the problem, dealers will reinforce the seat belt bracket as well as reprogram the air bag control unit and occupant classification system electronic control unit. There will be no charge for this service.

The remedy isn’t yet available, however. Vehicle owners will be mailed an interim notification by the end of June. A second letter will be sent when the remedy is available.

In the meantime, vehicle owners are warned not to install a child restraint system in the front seat.

Vehicle owners can reach Nissan customer service at (800) 867-7669.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet