Reading Truck Body recently launched a brand-new website at
Updated features include: 
  • Updated banners on home page – more relevant to its newest product offerings.
  • Easier global navigation across the top to the core sites – RTB, RED and the Distributor Login Site.
  • Simplified navigation on RTB site, removing some of the older business sites like utility and fleet.
  • Added a “breadcrumb trail” just under the navigation for improved usability so visitors can see where they are/where they’ve been. This functionality also helps with SEO.
  • Products section has been realigned, and the company has developed a product window to showcase all specs, features, options, and literature downloads all on a single page. Brings information right to the visitor in an interactive way.
  • Added content on some of the product offerings that wasn’t there before.
  • Simplified the company history and updated it to current events (van body divestment, Monroe partnership, etc.).