The new Manitoba service will be operated by the Transportation Operations Division Motor Carrier Enforcement. - Photo: Drivewyze

The new Manitoba service will be operated by the Transportation Operations Division Motor Carrier Enforcement. 

Photo: Drivewyze

Drivewyze announced a new partnership with the Manitoba Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to offer PreClear weigh station bypass service throughout the province. The service, which will be bundled with bypass services offered in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, expands the bypass network in Canada to important freight corridors in Manitoba.

“We operate a large fleet based in Manitoba and applaud the province for its leadership in adopting a weigh station bypass program,” said Garth Pitzel, Bison Transport’s Associate Vice President of Safety and Driver Development. “We’ve been utilizing Drivewyze PreClear in Canada and the United States, and it’s something our management and drivers appreciate as it saves us time and money, while rewarding our drivers for the work they do in keeping our fleet safe. We’re excited about bypass opportunities now being available in Manitoba.”

Drivewyze also offers bypass services for the Province of Alberta and across the U.S. Drivewyze PreClear is currently available in 48 states and provinces at more than 900 locations.

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The Manitoba service will be operated by the Transportation Operations Division Motor Carrier Enforcement. It allows subscribed trucks with Canadian or U.S. plates to have bypass opportunities at eight locations throughout the province, including:

  1. West Hawk Lake Hwy-1 EB
  2. West Hawk Lake Hwy-1 WB
  3. Emerson Hwy-75 NB
  4. Emerson Hwy-75 SB 
  5. Carroll Hwy-2 EB
  6. Carroll Hwy-2 WB
  7. Headingley Hwy-1 EB
  8. Headingley Hwy-1 WB

“We’re partnering with Canadian provinces to expand bypass programs across Canada with Manitoba representing a key geography for the trucking community,” said Brian Mofford, Drivewyze’s VP of Government Experience. “As an added value, we’ve bundled the service for those who have subscriptions for bypass in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. We hope to bring more provinces on board soon to fulfill our goal of having complete coverage in Canada.”

According to Mofford, with four bypass locations along the Trans-Canada Highway – which covers 490 kilometers through Manitoba – truck drivers have more road time and less downtime.

“Scale bypass programs that allow carriers with solid safety records to operate more efficiently are a win for them and for industry,” added Aaron Dolyniuk, Executive Director, Manitoba Trucking Association. “These programs allow motor carrier enforcement to focus their efforts where they need to be -- on trucking companies with poor safety records.  Road safety is the highest priority for members of the Manitoba Trucking Association, and rewarding safe companies for their efforts makes good sense.”

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