Acela Monterra 6x6

The Monterra 6x6 is a high-mobility Class 6-8 chassis cab. 

Photo: Acela Truck Company

Acela Truck Company has entered into a dealer agreement with Western Truck & Trailer Ltd to distribute Acela’s Monterra line of 4x4 and 6x6 extreme-duty truck chassis for the Canadian market.

"Western Truck & Trailer Ltd is proud to add the Acela Monterra chassis to our product offerings," says Mitch Mason, President and General Manager of Western Truck & Trailer Ltd. "We understand the importance of bringing purpose-built trucks to demanding job sites to improve the efficiency of completing jobs. Our team at Western Truck & Trailer Ltd believes the Acela Monterra to be the best solution to meet a multitude of needs. The Acela Monterra, with its 46-inch tires, 22 inches of ground clearance, and ability to suit almost any type of truck body proves to be the perfect jobsite solution for any industrial company."

Aclea Medium- and Heavy-Duty Options for Work Truck Fleets

The Monterra 4x4 and Monterra 6x6 trucks are key models in Acela's extreme-duty range. Originally designed for military use, these trucks are now available for commercial purposes.

The Monterra 4x4 offers high mobility and can navigate through tough terrains, making it perfect for construction, logging, and utility operations. The 6x6 variant provides even greater capability, handling heavier loads while maintaining excellent off-road performance.

A recent addition to their lineup is the Straya, the first four-wheel-drive, Class 5, high-mobility cab-over truck chassis in North America. The Straya is built on a robust Isuzu chassis, paired with top-tier military-grade components, ensuring it can handle the most demanding job sites. Its design emphasizes maneuverability and visibility, crucial for navigating tight spaces and challenging conditions.

Acela Monterra 6x6 with specialty upfits

Fleets looking for a specialty truck specifically upfit for their needs can rest assured Acela can make it happen.

Photo: Acela Truck Company

"We're honored to have Western Truck & Trailer Ltd representing the Monterra line of extreme duty chassis," says David Ronsen, President of Acela Truck Company. "Western Truck & Trailer recognizes industrial companies' needs in Alberta and other provinces. Western Truck & Trailer Ltd also has a reputation as being one of the region's highest-quality truck and equipment dealers. By working together, industrial companies could increase their jobsite capabilities with our line of high-mobility chassis."

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