Rimere’s Reformer produces hydrogen from renewable natural gas. - Photo: Rimere

Rimere’s Reformer produces hydrogen from renewable natural gas.

Photo: Rimere

Rimere, a climate solutions company with proprietary plasma technology, has received a $10-million strategic investment from Clean Energy Fuels to accelerate the development and field testing of its two independent devices, the Reformer and the Mitigator.

According to Rimere, the Reformer and the Mitigator help reduce emissions and enable the use of natural gas to accelerate the transition to a clean hydrogen future.

Turning Natural Gas into Clean Hydrogen

The Reformer uses proprietary sequential hybrid plasma technology to transform natural gas into clean hydrogen and high-quality graphene, without creating any CO2 emissions.

The company said when renewable natural gas (RNG) is used as the feedstock, hydrogen produced by Rimere’s Reformer can achieve a negative carbon-intensity rating, making it substantially lower-emission than renewable electrolysis.

Rimere said the Reformer can be used in place of the two most common methods of producing hydrogen, which are:

  • Electrolysis
  • Steam methane reformation

Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions

The Mitigator is a plasma thermal oxidizer, which the company said dramatically reduces the global warming potential of fugitive methane emitting from natural gas equipment. It is used in targeting small-scale methane emissions from compressor rod packings, according to Rimere.

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