Dorman added hundreds of new items to its - Photo: Dorman/Work Truck

Dorman added hundreds of new items to its

Photo: Dorman/Work Truck

Dorman Products announced 325 new motor vehicle parts to start the new year.

These January 2024 releases represent millions of new sales opportunities for automotive parts distributors, retailers, and repair shops.

Dorman's New January Products

January’s releases include Dorman OE FIX transmission oil cooler bypass valve covering approximately 1.5 million select Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac SUVs and pickup trucks.

On certain models, when the transmission overheats, doesn't generate sufficient heat, or leaks fluid, it can be due to corrosion, clogging, and wax motor failure of the original equipment valve.

The Dorman OE FIX valve is designed to help optimize cooler and transmission performance and provide a more permanent repair.

A Fleet Balancing Act: Maintain or Sell?

Machined from solid aluminum billet, it also features an additional access port to make routine service more convenient.

Dorman is also adding hundreds of new direct replacement parts and assemblies engineered and manufactured to match or improve upon the performance of the original equipment offerings.

Some new and notable aftermarket-exclusive product releases for January 2024 include:

  • Three time-saving exhaust manifold hardware and gasket repair kits offering a combined 17 million repair opportunities across seven domestic and imported vehicle brands.
  • A convenient set of 4 VVT sprocket bolts required for a complete camshaft phaser repair on 3+ million select Ford and Lincoln vehicles, offering a frustration-free alternative to purchasing single bolts from the dealership.
  • A windshield wiper motor and transmission assembly designed to match the fit and function of the original equipment assembly on 1.6+ million aging Ford and Mercury vehicles. This latest addition expands Dorman’s comprehensive line of complete wiper system assemblies that can reduce labor time and help ensure a complete repair.

These are just a few of Dorman’s featured new product releases this month, which include replacement components and assemblies for passenger and commercial vehicles of every type and powertrain.