In the dynamic realm of work truck fleet management, informed decisions can make all the difference. Join us as we dive into the heart of the matter with "Truck Chat," a series dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of commercial fleets and the driving technologies that shape their future. 

Work Truck sat down with Mary Kokosa, director of Global On-Highway Product Management at Allison Transmission. Read on for an excerpt from our interview, or watch the video above for the full episode.

Learn more about the transformative force known as the "power of choice" and how Allison Transmission is steering the course for revolutionizing work truck fleet operations.

The Power of Choice

Allison Transmission is known for offering commercial fleets a unique proposition – the power of choice. This program empowers fleet managers with many options, allowing them to tailor their vehicles precisely to their operational needs. 

Kokosa highlights some critical elements of this program: "Allison serves the needs of so many different vocational users and customers that we have a lot of features that help people customize their vehicle to exactly what they need."

The first step in this journey is selecting the right transmission, and Allison offers a range of options, including the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series. Each series has variants with wide or close gear ratios, allowing fleets to choose based on their specific requirements. This decision significantly impacts a vehicle's capabilities, so it's crucial to select wisely.

"At any point, if you have any trouble, you can always talk to your Allison area sales manager, and they'll help you sort through everything that maybe you don't already know," Kokosa noted.

The first step in this journey is  selecting the right transmission , and Allison offers a range of options, including the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series.  -  Photo: Work Truck/Allison Transmission

The first step in this journey is selecting the right transmission, and Allison offers a range of options, including the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series.

Photo: Work Truck/Allison Transmission

Exploring Product Offerings

Allison Transmission's commitment to customization extends to its product offerings. Fleet managers should take note of the current products designed to meet the demands of today's diverse commercial fleet market:

"One of the great examples of the power of choice is looking at all the different hardware options that we provide; we have a lot of different customizable hardware sets that you can pick from," she noted.

Of particular note is the 3414 Regional Series, a newcomer to the 3000 series family. This transmission, optimized for interstate driving, promises up to 8% better fuel economy for fleets with a significant highway presence. This transmission can be a real game-changer for those looking to balance performance and efficiency.

Trends in Commercial Fleets: 

Mary emphasizes that regulatory changes are among the most significant trends impacting commercial fleets in this rapidly evolving landscape. Stricter emissions regulations and the push toward lowering greenhouse gas emissions drive innovation.

Allison Transmission is keeping pace by introducing products like E-Gen Power E-Axles to cater to the growing demand for zero-emission vehicles.

  • Fuel Efficiency with FuelSense 2.0: With fuel prices remaining volatile, fuel savings remain a top priority for fleet managers. "Allison Transmission's FuelSense 2.0 is a comprehensive solution offering fuel savings through three different features that combine and give you a lot of customization ability," Kokosa explained.
  • Dynamically Changing Shift Schedules (DynActive): This innovative feature optimizes shift schedules, adjusting them in real-time to maximize fuel efficiency, all while offering customizable performance settings.
  • Acceleration Rate Management (ARM): ARM monitors vehicle acceleration and adjusts torque accordingly, delivering fuel savings where they matter most.
  • Neutral at Stop: Allison offers two variants of neutral at stop – Premium and Standard. Both provide fuel economy benefits by automatically shifting to neutral when the vehicle is idle at a stoplight, eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption.

A Variety of Solutions for Diverse Needs

Recognizing that no single solution fits all, Allison Transmission offers diverse products to cater to a broad spectrum of vocational needs. One standout is the 4000 series 7-speed transmission, which boasts a unique crawler gear for precise control during challenging maneuvers, making it ideal for industries like concrete delivery.

Allison Transmission's dedication to empowering commercial fleets and commitment to the "power of choice" is more than a marketing slogan; it's a philosophy driving innovation, improving efficiency, and reducing emissions.

Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of "Truck Chat," where we'll continue exploring the technologies and trends shaping commercial fleets' future.

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