The Bobcat AT450X enabled by Agtonomy is an autonomous and electric articulating tractor.  -  Photo: Bobcat/WorkTruck

The Bobcat AT450X enabled by Agtonomy is an autonomous and electric articulating tractor.

Photo: Bobcat/WorkTruck

Doosan Bobcat is driving equipment advancements by leveraging emerging technologies.

It unveiled the industry’s first autonomous and electric articulating tractor — the Bobcat AT450X enabled by Agtonomy.

Also, Bobcat established a partnership with Agtonomy, a Silicon Valley-based, ag tech software company, to develop autonomous equipment innovations that increase ag productivity and performance.  

Combining Power, Precision, and Sustainability

The AT450X, characterized by its advanced technology and sustainable design, seamlessly integrates Bobcat's robust and flexible articulating tractor with Agtonomy's cutting-edge software and embedded-computing technology. This synergy enables emissions-free and autonomous functionality, empowering farmers to automate laborious and time-consuming tasks.

Specifically engineered for compact applications like vineyards and orchards, the battery-powered AT450X is adept at autonomously or remotely performing crucial farm operations.

Farmers have the capability to remotely guide the tractor through a diverse range of tasks, including mowing, spraying, precision weeding, as well as the transportation of products and materials, thereby streamlining labor-intensive activities.

“By digitally transforming the equipment farmers know and trust, we can help them combat the daily challenges they face, such as labor constraints and the ever-increasing demand for sustainable farming practices in specialty crops,” said Tim Bucher, CEO and co-founder of Agtonomy. “The Bobcat AT450X with Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer™ technology makes the perfect end-to-end solution for agriculture and other industries allowing both companies to make a positive impact and that is what it is all about.” 

Features of the AT450X  

  • To operate, users plot the machine’s mission path via Agtonomy’s mobile application. This allows the end user to easily plan, execute and monitor jobs running on an unlimited number of connected machines simultaneously which can yield a positive ROI for owners.
  • The machine leverages AI to constantly “learn” and dynamically react to its environment. Through vision-based systems, it can detect known and unknown objects to auto-stop operation if needed.
  • Capable of 24/7 operation, the AT450X can swap batteries when it needs to replenish its energy source. It does this by returning to its home base when its battery is low, switching to a fully charged battery and placing its drained battery back to its charging station. 
  • Commercialization details will be announced at a later date.