DDA Transport's fleet includes 125 tractors, 45 straight trucks, and 110 trailers. - Photo: DDA Transport

DDA Transport's fleet includes 125 tractors, 45 straight trucks, and 110 trailers.

Photo: DDA Transport

Staying ahead in fleet management requires a robust fleet and a commitment to innovation and adaptation.

DDA Transport, based in southern New Hampshire, exemplifies this ethos, having evolved from a truck and trailer repair company in 1986 to a prominent player in the work truck industry.

Dwayne D. Andreasen, president of DDA Transport, shared the company's history, fleet composition, ongoing projects, and valuable insights for fellow fleet managers.

DDA Services Expands Its Footprint

Founded in 1986, DDA Services initially focused on truck and trailer repairs, extending its services to large transportation companies in Northern New England.

DDA Transport was established in 1996, securing contracts with the U.S. Postal Service for local and regional mail delivery.

Over the years, the company expanded its footprint, hauling U.S. mail throughout the Northeast and collaborating with major entities such as FedEx Ground. DDA Transport's fleet includes 125 tractors, 45 straight trucks, and 110 trailers.

The fleet's strategic positioning spans New England, with additional trucks stationed in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, and Maine.

DDA Transport's Telematics Triumph in Fleet Operations

DDA Transport focuses on fleet modernization, leveraging advanced technology, and exploring ways to reduce its carbon footprint through alternative fuels.

“We are working hard to update our fleet to utilize advanced technology. The COVID years set us back as trucks were unavailable, so now we are trying to play ‘catch up,’ “Andreasen said.

A standout accomplishment in the past year is the introduction of six new Ford F750 straight trucks powered by propane autogas in the New Hampshire U.S. postal fleet. This move aligns with the company's commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

DDA Transport uses propane to fuel its fleet. - Photo: DDA Transport

DDA Transport uses propane to fuel its fleet.

Photo: DDA Transport

DDA Transport's Dual Commitment to Tech and Safety

DDA Transport has harnessed the power of onboard technology to streamline its operations.

The implementation of telematics not only aids in vehicle tracking but also enhances:

  • Fuel monitoring.
  • Fuel tax reporting.
  • Payroll management.
  • Vehicle inspections.
  • Driver coaching.

“I suggest that every fleet manager find a good telematics system that does more than just track a vehicle. The technology available is amazing and can save countless hours of administrative work,” Andreasen advised.

The cornerstone of DDA Transport's success lies in its use of telematics and the recent integration of a Traffic Management System (TMS).

The TMS allows drivers to access their routes and schedules on in-cab tablets while dispatchers monitor delivery metrics in real time. This approach enhances:

  • Communication.
  • Route optimization.
  • Overall fleet efficiency.

Addressing the current challenges, DDA Transport emphasizes the importance of maintaining high standards despite a tight labor market.

“We have found that it is better to say no to work than to lower our standards because we thought we had to hire more drivers. It takes time to build a good reputation and can be ruined very quickly with a bad decision,” Andreasen said.

The company prioritizes safety by incorporating technology such as lane departure and collision avoidance systems, real-time tracking, and cameras to optimize routing and monitor driver safety.

The Success Blueprint: Technology, Safety, and Strategic Vision

DDA Transport's journey from a repair company to a thriving fleet management entity is a testament to its adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Andreasen's emphasis on the pivotal role of technology, commitment to safety, and strategic decision-making can help navigate a fleet from good to great.

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