Develon introduced its new crawler excavator, DX1000LC-7.

Develon introduced its new crawler excavator, DX1000LC-7. 

Develon (formerly Doosan) has expanded its next-generation -7 Series crawler excavator offering in North America with the new DX1000LC-7. 

The new 100-metric-ton conventional tail swing excavator is designed for pit and quarry customers working in aggregate settings and is well-suited as a large earthmoving and excavating machine for heavy construction and infrastructure projects.

“The DX1000LC-7 is designed to serve a growing crawler excavator size class,” says Thomas Lee, director of product management at DEVELON. “It can efficiently load large amounts of material into trucks at quarries. On construction sites, the DX1000LC-7 excavates, stockpiles and loads material into dump trucks.”

Smart Machine Technology to Maximize Productivity

The DX1000LC-7 excavator includes smart machine technology and a rugged design for maximum uptime protection.

Features of the new DX1000LC-7 include a crossed-design swing bearing that distributes stress for machine uptime protection.

Attention was given to reinforcing the excavator’s wear points, adding to the machine’s reliability, and keeping it running longer.

The excavator also includes a heavy-duty front design with additional reinforcement on key stress points to ensure uptime protection.

Operators can choose the swing priority mode for bank cutting and when the swing angle is large to increase the swing speed and maximize productivity. The boom-up function is prioritized when the swing priority is turned off. 

Improve Productivity With Smart Power

The DX1000LC-7 provides a high level of efficiency for customers. The excavator’s exclusive D-ECOPOWER system helps to improve productivity and save fuel.

The hydraulic system precisely controls oil flow and optimizes the engine’s available horsepower. The system’s efficiency not only improves productivity but also reduces fuel consumption. 

Operators can choose between two modes: boom and swing. This allows operators to adjust the machine to best match the job at hand, giving priority to boom or swing movements.

Boom priority is ideal in harsh conditions, such as digging over the front or dumping over the side of the machine. Swing priority works best in normal or light-duty digging situations.

Interior Fit for Comfort

As soon as operators step into the cab, they will appreciate the push-button start and high-quality interior fit and finish. The DX1000LC-7 cab contains an 8-inch touchscreen LCD monitor for high visibility and easy access. The screen is 30% larger than previous models.

Ergonomic adjustments such as the newly designed foot pedals and heated seats make long days more enjoyable for excavator operators.

Operators can configure the shortcut button on the joystick to their liking so they can adjust the wipers, mute the audio or control the camera. The button can also be used to activate the optional intelligent floating boom feature. This enhancement helps to increase operator effectiveness and keep the operator’s hand on the controls.

The optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system displays a full view of the machine’s surroundings, giving operators greater confidence when positioning and operating the machine in tight work areas. Five visual perspectives can be seen from the separate AVM monitor: top view, rear view, top-right view, rear-corner view, and 3D view. 

Additional DX1000LC-7 excavator options include a hydraulic removable counterweight, which is helpful if the customer needs to transport the machine. 

An optional auto-lube system makes daily maintenance simpler and enhances uptime protection. Additional machine options include the following:

  • Two-way auxiliary hydraulic flow.
  • Cab guarding.
  • Additional work lamps.
  • Rotating beacon.
  • Straight travel.

Unlimited Telematics

The new excavator comes with unlimited access to the Develon Fleet Management telematics system. The system allows equipment owners and fleet managers to remotely monitor machine location, hours, fuel usage, engine idle versus work time, and error codes, as well as engine and hydraulic temperatures.

Machines can be monitored via an online account. In addition, dealers can use the system to provide improved customer support by:

  • Responding to machine warning messages and alerts.
  • Troubleshooting machine issues.
  • Sending a field service vehicle to deliver the proper parts and help with repairs.

DX1000LC-7 Crawler Excavator Specs

  • Horsepower: 629 hp (469 kW)
  • Operating weight: 220,903 lb. (100,199 kg)
  • Bucket breakout force: 88,185 lbf. (40,000 kgf)
  • Arm breakout force: 78,850 lbf. (36,220 kgf)
  • Maximum digging depth: 28 ft. 10 in. (8.8 m)
  • Maximum digging reach: 45 ft. 11 in. (14.3 m)
  • Bucket capacity: 7 cu. yds (5.4 m3)
  • Four power modes
  • Four work modes

Specifications represent the standard arm configuration.