Zeus's Class 5 configuration is 2WD with a dual rear wheel e-axle. - Photo: Zeus/Work Truck

Zeus's Class 5 configuration is 2WD with a dual rear wheel e-axle.

Photo: Zeus/Work Truck

Zeus Electric Chassis and Edison Manufacturing and Engineering have agreed via a memorandum of understanding to partner in producing Class 5 chassis cab work trucks starting in 2024.

Zeus is in the later stages of design and validation to become an OEM of battery electric zero-emission work trucks suited for multiple commercial applications.

The trucks have garnered attention due to their distinctive design, and a significant revamping of chassis underpinnings aims to enhance appeal for commercial fleet customers in terms of performance, serviceability, and cost.

Zeus and Edison's Electric Collaboration

Zeus introduced a Class 5 launch configuration featuring a 2WD setup with a dual-rear-wheel e-axle, a conventional cab, and a novel 800V electrical architecture.

Edison, a specialized contract manufacturer, focuses on efficiently producing low-volume mobility and mobility-related products, including specialty vehicles.

Edison excels in production execution and process development for low-volume production. In the ongoing agreement, Edison may extend support to Zeus in process engineering as details are further refined.

The concurrent development of the assembly process, synchronized with Zeus's product development, proves to be a compatible collaboration.

SMUD Commits to Green Energy

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has publicly endorsed Zeus's initiative to introduce electric work trucks to the market and has placed pilot orders to demonstrate their commitment. The initial units slated for production by Edison in 2024 are earmarked for delivery to SMUD. 

Edison VP and General Manager, Brandon Bartneck said "We are delighted to join this journey with Zeus to electrify the commercial fleet work truck market segment, and we're excited about Zeus' differentiated product. We continue to grow our portfolio as a trusted production partner for companies launching new products in the electrification space, and we're eager to further expand our impact." 

Said Zeus' Managing Director, Dave Stenson, "It's great that we can bring the Minnesota and Michigan ecosystems together to launch our product. We look forward to working with the Edison team in finalizing the specifics of the agreement and deliver these highly anticipated and great-performing EV work trucks next year." 

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