Air Lift air spring kits are designed to work with the vehicle's existing suspension to level the vehicle properly. - Photo: Air Lift

Air Lift air spring kits are designed to work with the vehicle's existing suspension to level the vehicle properly.

Photo: Air Lift

Aftermarket air suspension manufacturer Air Lift Company has released new LoadLifter 5000-series kits, LoadLifter 7500 XL Ultimate kits, and Air Lift ProSeries kits for the 2023 Ford F-250/F-350 4WD SRW.

Comfort and Safety with Air Lift Air Spring Kits

Air Lift air spring kits have been meticulously engineered to integrate with your vehicle's current suspension system, ensuring optimal leveling.

By doing so, they eradicate troublesome problems often encountered during towing or hauling, such as undesirable squat, misaligned headlights, unresponsive steering, excessive body roll, and the frustrating occurrence of bottoming out.

This solution enhances safety and elevates comfort during towing or hauling activities.

The latest product launch introduces four distinct load-support air spring kit options:

  • LoadLifter 5000.
  • LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate.
  • LoadLifter ProSeries.
  • LoadLifter 7500 XL Ultimate.

“From smaller half-ton trucks up to 1-ton trucks and beyond, we see frequent issues with towing and hauling no matter the truck's size,” said Cody Wolgamott, product marketing manager at Air Lift. “We currently offer products for hundreds of vehicles and continue to develop new kits, for both new and old vehicles, to ensure we are creating a safer and more enjoyable towing experience for everyone.”

LoadLifter Options for Every Need

  • The LoadLifter 5000 (PN 57354) offers up to 5,000 lbs. of load-leveling capacity through double-bellow air springs paired with upper and lower roll plates and ultra-high-strength nylon end caps.
  • The Loadlifter 5000 Ultimate (PN 88354) offers all the benefits of the LoadLifter 5000, with the addition of an internal jounce bumper, which helps to smooth transitions over rough roads, helping to prevent bottoming out and offering extra protection for heavy loads.
  • The Air Lift Pro Series (PN 93354) is an installer-exclusive kit option that is a variation on the LoadLifter 5000, with aluminum-anodized end caps and stainless-steel end cap hardware.
  • The Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Ultimate kit (PN 57554) offers up to 7,500 lbs. load-leveling capacity, with roll plates for added protection and ultra-high-strength composite formula end caps. This kit includes a pair of massive 7-inch, double-convoluted bellows air springs. The larger air springs allow greater leveling abilities at lower air pressures* than similar systems.