Mr. Davey Jung, President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board, for HMM  -  Photo: Hino/Work Truck

Mr. Davey Jung, President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board, for HMM

Photo: Hino/Work Truck

Hino Motors Manufacturing has appointed Mr. Davey Jung to the position of President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board, effective September 1, 2023. 

Mr. Jung succeeds Mr. Masamichi Mizukoshi, who retired from Hino. The company is thankful to Mr. Mizukoshi for his service and leadership of HMM.

New Leadership Team Takes the Helm

Mr. Jung became a part of HMM in 2007 and played a pivotal role in enhancing and expanding the company's operations.

He assumed various vital leadership positions, including Purchasing, Sales, Corporate Strategy, R&D, HR, Legal, IT, and Supplier Preparation & Development.

With his understanding of the industry and strategic abilities, he’s uniquely positioned to steer HMM toward the next phase of innovation and prosperity.

Notably, Mr. Jung most recently held the position of chief operating officer and executive vice president for Toyota Business at HMM.

In his new role as President and CEO, Mr. Jung will concentrate on improving manufacturing and supply chain efficiency while continuing to drive the company's success and innovation.

Simultaneously, Mr. Masaki Hanayama has been appointed as COO.

Mr. Hanayama brings a wealth of experience gained from critical leadership roles on a global scale, particularly in Sales, Marketing, and Alliance Management at our Japanese headquarters.

Within HMM, Mr. Hanayama most recently served as executive vice president, overseeing the Truck Business, Production Management, and R&D.

His diverse expertise positions him to offer strategic and operational insights that will propel the company forward.

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