There are 230 locations with fast-charging stalls across 27 states. - Photo: EVgo

There are 230 locations with fast-charging stalls across 27 states.

Photo: EVgo

EVgo and General Motors have surpassed 1,000 fast-charging stalls as part of their collaboration to expand fast-charging infrastructure.

First announced in 2020 and expanded upon in 2021, the collaboration aims to develop and install 3,250 DC fast-charging stalls in major metro markets.

EVgo and GM's Nationwide Collaboration

EVgo and GM have collaboratively established fast-charging stalls at nearly 230 locations in 39 markets across 27 states, with the majority featuring high-power 350kW fast charging.

Their joint efforts aim to enhance public charging accessibility for EV drivers in places they frequently visit, like grocery stores, retail centers, and city centers.

Additionally, this initiative seeks to cater to customers who lack charging facilities at home or work, such as renters and residents of multifamily dwellings.

EVgo is one of GM’s preferred EV charge point operators within its holistic Ultium Charge 360 initiative.

EVgo and GM's Joint Action Plan Unveiled

In addition to expanding public charging access, EVgo and GM are jointly committed to enhancing reliability and improving the customer experience through a comprehensive action plan.

This plan includes network-wide health checks and GM's dealer network providing customer education to support new EV buyers in navigating public charging.

The introduction of Plug and Charge in 2022 simplifies the charging process, allowing drivers to start a session effortlessly by plugging in without needing additional payment authentication.

Illinois Increasing EV adoption

Illinois is experiencing a rapid increase in EV adoption, supported by legislation passed in 2021 that aims to achieve 1 million registered EVs by 2030.

The state has also introduced new vehicle and charging infrastructure incentives, administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).

Furthermore, a significant investment of $148 million will be allocated to installing EV charging stations along interstate corridors over the next five years as part of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program.

These initiatives are vital to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles and foster the transition to electric transportation in the Midwest.

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