The latest tech news from Mullen, Geotab, and more.   -  Photo: Work Truck

The latest tech news from Mullen, Geotab, and more. 

Photo: Work Truck

This month’s latest tech is designed to help with electrification, maintenance, and connected transportation. 

We have big announcements from Mullen, Geotab, and more. Check out Work Truck’s latest tech news roundup for July 2023.

Top 4 Tech News

  • Diesel Technology — U.S. trucking firms are investing unprecedentedly investing in new, low-emission diesel technology. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, research indicates that new near-zero emission diesel trucks on the roads surged by 10.2% from 2021 to 2022. These near-zero emission trucks represent advanced diesel technology produced in model years 2010 and beyond.
  • Mobile EV Charging — Mullen Automotive has unveiled PowerUP, a new mobile electric vehicle charging truck capable of providing level 2 and 3 DC fast charging in areas with limited power access. PowerUP is now available for purchase through advance orders and aims to address the challenges of on-road charging, especially the scarcity of Level 3 DC fast charging options outside California.
  • AI for Fleet — Geotab has announced a beta project introducing generative AI models into its platform adding to the connected transportation industry. With the beta launch of Project G, Geotab customers can access on-demand insights on vehicle performance, efficiency, and sustainability, setting a new standard in connected transportation.
  • Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring System — The Ranger TruSensor TS58R tool offers a comprehensive range of functions, including tire pressure, temperature, and battery life testing. It efficiently handles TPMS diagnostic trouble codes, warning light resets, and precise car key remotes and fobs diagnosis. Technicians have the convenience of controlling all operations either through the 4.3-inch color touchscreen or using soft-touch buttons.
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