Project G Generative AI is available to Geotab Data Connector customers. - Photo: Geotab/Work Truck

Project G Generative AI is available to Geotab Data Connector customers.

Photo: Geotab/Work Truck

Geotab has announced a beta project introducing generative AI models into its platform adding to the connected transportation industry.

With the beta launch of Project G, Geotab customers can access on-demand insights on vehicle performance, efficiency, and sustainability, setting a new standard in connected transportation.

Using AI to Shape Customers Experience

By harnessing the power of natural language models, Project G reduces time-to-insight for customers and transforms the process of analyzing fleet data into a simple and intuitive experience.

Customers now have an analytics digital assistant to pose questions through a chat interface linked to Geotab Data Connector, to receive immediate data-driven insights.

From vehicle performance and idling times to fuel economy comparisons, vehicle usage, cost savings, and beyond, Project G delivers comprehensive, digestible information with ease. 

Project G is built on privacy-by-design principles and keeps all customer telematics data within Geotab’s environment, never shared with any Large Language Model (LLM).

Geotab & AI Over the Years

Over the past year, Generative AI has become a significant area of focus and organizations worldwide are exploring its potential to drive customer and performance business efficiencies.

Geotab has a strong history of AI innovation and is leveraging this expertise with customers in the beta project. With over 55 billion data points processed daily across more than 3.6 million connected vehicles, Geotab stands at the forefront of this transformative technology.

With a global presence spanning 165 countries, Geotab possesses the expertise and scale necessary to train powerful AI models, unlocking unprecedented value and efficiency for its customers.

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