Netradyne integrated Driver•i with the CarriersEdge online training automation system.  -  Photo: CarriersEdge/Netradyne/Work Truck

Netradyne integrated Driver•i with the CarriersEdge online training automation system.

Photo: CarriersEdge/Netradyne/Work Truck

Netradyne’s Driver•i is now integrated with the CarriersEdge online training automation system. This allows Netradyne customers to automatically assign and track required CarriersEdge safety and compliance training courses based on events and behaviors captured by the Driver•i device.

Netradyne’s Driver•i is a fleet safety camera platform built to reinforce good driving behavior. CarriersEdge offers access to nearly 200 interactive online driver training modules through its monthly subscription package and provides innovative management and reporting functions through its platform. Training courses are offered as full-length orientation, shorter refresher, and remedial titles, and as standalone knowledge tests.

“We’re thrilled to combine our industry-leading AI-powered safety technology with CarriersEdge’s latest online driver training features,” said Adam Kahn, Chief Business Development Officer, at Netradyne. “This integration is a next-level solution for fleets that take safety seriously. By automatically assigning custom-tailored driver training programs it simplifies the driver coaching process and ensures drivers are getting feedback reflective of their behavior, ultimately making our roadways safer.”

Simplify Training Practices

This integration will allow fleets to better simplify training practices and improve driving behavior. Using a simple drop-down menu, administrators can create as many rules as needed, specify the type of driving behavior, and set trigger thresholds and periods.

The integrated solution allows for cascading levels of training intervention based on the number and frequency of driver events. Rules are fleet configurable and can be changed at any time. In addition, the CarriersEdge platform documents training and coaching, which reflects the carrier’s efforts and dedication to consistently improving safety, providing proof in the case of litigation.

According to Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge, assignments can be a combination of content including classroom, online courses, surveys, even policy documents, allowing for flexible learning and progressive interventions that match behavior severity and frequency. Once drivers complete the assignments, details are mailed directly to administrators and managers, providing updates on training scores, and completion status.

Dashcam technology is rapidly evolving thanks to advancements in machine learning, edge computing, and AI. As a result, fleets have more information available at their fingertips to evaluate driving behavior in real-time,” Jazrawy said.

“Correcting unsafe driving practices is a multi-step process that starts with identifying problems drivers are having and implementing solutions to help prevent the issues from reoccurring. This integration is a feature carriers can use to better streamline their remedial training practices and improve driving behavior. In addition, having solid evidence of driver training is increasingly more important in today's highly litigious environment,” Jazrawy added.

Netradyne is the latest fleet safety solutions provider to add the CarriersEdge dashcam event integration to its platform. Three other providers recently deployed this integration, with more expected to be added in the coming months.

In other news, Netradyne conducted a survey among small and medium businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees and commercial fleets to understand their key challenges and goals. Find out the results here.  

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