Being able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to aftermarket parts is essential.

Being able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to aftermarket parts is essential. 

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Aftermarket parts are essential to maintaining and upgrading work truck fleets, providing a cost-effective alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. With the growing demand for efficient and reliable transportation, work truck fleets play a vital role in the success of various industries, including construction, delivery, and logistics.

However, these vehicles are subjected to intense wear and tear, making regular maintenance and repair necessary.

It is important to explore the value of aftermarket parts and how they can enhance the performance and longevity of work truck fleets.

The automotive industry and fleet have their share of myths, and aftermarket parts are no different. From quality concerns to costs, here are a few of the top myths we are working to bust:

MYTH 1: Aftermarket parts are inferior to OEM quality.

“This myth is simply not true. Many aftermarket parts are manufactured to higher standards than their OEM counterparts. JASPER's quality standards ensure that our aftermarket parts meet or exceed OEM standards. We work with our certified vendors to design parts that will correct inherent flaws we find in OEM parts,” said Joe McDonald, vice president of sales at Jasper Engines & Transmissions.

Jose Reyna, national fleet & commercial sales director at A.R.E., agreed.

“While this might hold true in some cases, at A.R.E. we strive to make an OE-quality product even better. We specialize in truck bed solutions and aim to supply a good quality product for fleets. We have a great team company-wide, always listening to our fleet customers and brainstorming how to create or keep improving our products for fleets,” Reyna noted.

MYTH 2: Aftermarket parts are not reliable.

“As with any industry, you can choose price over quality, and that's no different in the aftermarket parts world. JASPER chooses vendors that will build to our specifications and must meet or exceed OEM quality. We have a vendor scorecard, and they also go through vigorous testing to qualify. Jasper Engines & Transmissions employs a First Article Inspection team that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to check, inspect and test all new parts that come into our building,” McDonald said.

MYTH 3: Parts for all makes cannot be purchased at OE dealerships. 

“This is a myth, as Stellantis dealerships currently carry all-make parts through Magneti Marelli offered by Mopar parts for all makes,” said Ethan Hansen, Mopar fleet service and parts, business development.

MYTH 4: Aftermarket equipment is expensive and not a must-have. 

“I can assure you that it is a must-have for many reasons, including safety, security, and efficiency, which are the most important for me,” Reyna added. 

In addition to busting the myths surrounding aftermarket parts, it's important to understand the many benefits they can offer fleets, too. Check out these Top 5 Benefits of Aftermarket Parts for Work Truck Fleets to round out your aftermarket part knowledge. And, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletters so you never miss an update! 

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