What are the top 10 maintenance-focused articles work truck fleet managers should have in their...

What are the top 10 maintenance-focused articles work truck fleet managers should have in their resource folder?

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Maintaining commercial and vocational work trucks properly involves far more than regular oil changes. And, with the growing complexity of today’s work trucks, technology is becoming a major player in truck maintenance.

From general trends to tips and challenges, Work Truck gathered up the top maintenance-focused articles into one place to help fleet managers up their maintenance game:

  1. Work Truck Maintenance Trends in 2022: What challenges are fleets seeing related to truck fleet maintenance? What items are commonly overlooked?
  2. Where are the Truck Parts? How are truck parts and availability impacting overall work truck fleet maintenance costs? Where are all the parts?
  3. Top 5 Truck Tire Service & Maintenance Tips: Stay proactive, keep truck tires properly inflated, stay on the lookout for problems, mate your tires appropriately, and lean on tire professionals when needed.
  4. Maintaining Dispersed Truck Fleets: More communication, adherence to maintenance schedules, and utilizing technology to its fullest are just a few ways to better maintain fleets that do not all return to the same home base.
  5. Maintaining Work Trucks with Resale in Mind: What is the top maintenance-related factor to worry about when resale is on your mind? What should you avoid spending money on? What matters the most?
  6. Top Overlooked Maintenance Tips: Whether your fleet consists of light-duty pickup trucks, medium-duty workhorses, or a mix of everything in between, ensuring trucks are properly maintained keeps costs low and drivers safe.
  7. Reducing Work Truck Fleet Costs & Increasing Uptime: Fuel, maintenance, safety, spec’ing, and selling strategies to help benefit fleet budgets are shared.
  8. Value of Maintenance Management Programs for Work Truck Fleets: Trucks that ‘run’ keep your business working. Trucks that run efficiently and safely help your business thrive.
  9. How to Reduce Driver Impact on Truck Fleet Maintenance Costs: Truck fleet drivers have a significant impact on a fleet’s maintenance costs. Ensure drivers are involved in truck maintenance and spell out fleet policies.
  10. Growth of Mobile Maintenance and Truck Fleets: If you’re new to mobile maintenance or considering making the switch, here’s what you need to know.

These are just a few of the latest features covering the variety of topics that matter to fleet managers covering vocational truck fleet maintenance. Bookmark this page for everything truck fleet maintenance related and be sure to sign up for our eNewsletters so you never miss a major update!

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