The new Rotary Lift XA12 Alignment Scissor Lift is ideal for shops with a small footprint...

The new Rotary Lift XA12 Alignment Scissor Lift is ideal for shops with a small footprint working on light-duty vehicles. 

Photo: Work Truck/Rotary Lift

Rotary announced the addition of the new XA12 Alignment Scissor Lift to its line of automotive lifts. This vehicle and truck lift is ideal for small spaces and fleets that work on a variety of smaller, light-duty trucks and cars in their vocational fleet. 

According to Rotary, the XA12 serves as the ideal small bay alignment lift solution with the largest four-wheel alignment wheelbase range available in its class. With a 78 to 164 inch 4-wheel alignment wheelbase range and 12,000-pound lifting capacity, Rotary noted that it designed the XA12 with space and flexibility in mind. Shops can offer alignment services with bay space to spare, and technicians can perform alignments on a wider range of vehicles.

Introduced at the 2022 SEMA Show, the XA12 easily fits within the smallest of service bays with a minimum bay size footprint of 12 by 23 feet. The lift's open front and rear design provide technicians with greater access to vehicle adjustment points making wheel alignments and other repairs easier to perform.   

Additionally, Rotary noted that the XA12 features adjustable radius gauges that quickly and easily configure for short and long wheelbases. The alignment scissor lift also comes standard with two 6,000-lbs. capacity air-operated rolling jacks, longer rear slip plates to accommodate a greater wheelbase range and its hinged ramps automatically self-chock and drop down when the lift is raised, increasing the workspace around the lift.

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