The Wildpeak H/T02 And Wildpeak A/T3W are focused on the medium-duty commercial van segment. - Photo: Falken Tires

The Wildpeak H/T02 And Wildpeak A/T3W are focused on the medium-duty commercial van segment. 

Photo: Falken Tires

Falken announced the launch of multiple tire sizes for the commercial van segment in both Wildpeak H/T02 and A/T3W. 

Starting in August 2022, two sizes in the Wildpeak H/T02 – 235/65R16C and 225/75R16C – with the same sizes in Wildpeak A/T3W – will become available for Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster van fitments.

In addition, coming in 2023 will be a Wildpeak H/T02 product in size 195/75R16C for the Ford Transit 350 DRW and a 185/60R15C size for Nissan’s NV200. 

The Falken Wildpeak H/T02 is an ideal tire choice for highway as well as urban use, according to Falken. The H/T02 was built to meet and exceed the demands of today’s delivery vehicles, with multiple stop-and-go requirements, heavy traffic, and medium-duty hauling needs.

The tires feature advanced 4D nano design and 3D canyon sipe technology and provide the H/T02 with enhanced all-season drivability. Plus, the “HD” badge on the tire’s sidewall denotes the tire's heavy-duty construction.

The A/T3W is utilized currently in regions with consistently harsh weather throughout the year, which led Falken to offer the severe-snow rated tire as another option for commercial van operators. The A/T3W is packed with technology, from Falken’s patented 3D Canyon Sipes to an all-new proprietary lower sidewall. Combined with deep grooves, the tire maintains consistent performance throughout its lifetime. 

“We are very pleased to offer these two lines of the Wildpeak tire to the commercial trade,” stated Rick Brennan, Falken Vice President of Marketing. “We believe there is strong demand for our Wildpeak products from drivers who require a tough, durable all-season tire for their workhorse vehicles. Falken is determined to fill that need with our reliable and proven products.”

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